Indonesia is one of the largest coffee producing countries in the world with data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) in 2021 recording that the value of Indonesian coffee exports reached US$849.373 million or equivalent to IDR12.62 trillion. Wow, that’s fantastic!

In addition to the high level of coffee exports, the popularity of coffee is also growing among local people, as indicated by the proliferation of coffee shops across the city. Today, coffee is not just a drink anymore, but has become part of the lifestyle of Indonesians.

Of the many coffee entrepreneurs that have sprung up, there are still many factories that still exist to produce high-quality coffee since decades ago! Curious which of the oldest coffee factories are still operating today? Check out the list below.

Margo Redjo, Semarang

Let’s start with the city of Semarang, Central Java, which has one of the oldest coffee factories in Indonesia, Margo Redjo. Today, this nearly century-old coffee factory is called Dharma Boutique Roastery and is located on Jl. Wotgandul Barat No. 14, Kranggan, Semarang City, Central Java. This coffee factory located in Semarang’s Chinatown area was established in 1924 by Tan Tiong Ie and still exists today.

oldest coffee factory in indonesia
The last roasting machine was used in the ’80s at Margo Redjo Coffee Factory. (Rahma Ayu Nabila/

Quoted from, the coffee factory is currently passed down to the third generation of the family, namely Widayat Basuki Dharmowiyono, or commonly called Basuki. An article published by de lokomotief on October 2, 1947, tells us that Semarang was once known as a coffee producing city.

In 1929 alone, five years after the Margo Redjo coffee factory was established, Semarang City supplied 326 tons or 69 percent of coffee exports throughout the Dutch East Indies. In fact, almost 200 tons of Semarang City’s total coffee exports were supplied by Margo Redjo, the largest coffee roasting factory at the time.

Now, Margo Redjo or Dharma Boutique Roastery has been designated as a Cultural Heritage Building since 2018. It’s a must for coffee lovers to stop by this historic coffee factory when in Semarang.

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Aroma Coffee Factory, Bandung

Aroma Coffee is a coffee factory and shop founded by Tan Houw Sian in 1930. Quoted from Good News from Indonesia, Tan Houw Sian initially started Kopi Aroma to serve the coffee needs of customers in Bandung. The location of this Aroma Coffee building is on Jl. Banceuy No. 51, Braga, Kec. Sumur Bandung, Bandung City, West Java.

oldest coffee factory in indonesia
Source: Eddy Fahmi/Shutterstock

Today, Kopi Aroma is continued by the second generation, Widyapratama and his wife. The successor said that his family’s coffee business had also experienced ups and downs. However, thanks to Widyapratama’s efforts at that time, he succeeded in fixing the business that his family had built until it was back to what it is today.

In addition, the quality of the coffee is maintained so that loyal customers have remained from the past until now. The raw coffee processed by this factory is handpicked from various regions such as Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi and Nusa Tenggara.

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Cap “1” Coffee Factory, Bangka

Let’s shift from Java to Sumatra. Sumatra also has one of the oldest coffee factories in Indonesia, located in Bangka. Cap “1” Coffee Factory was established in 1968 and is currently managed by the fourth generation of coffee factory owners. Quoted from, Yoyong Seftianto, the factory’s production manager said that Cap “1” Factory continues to try to compete with modern coffee factories that have recently sprung up in Bangka Belitung.

Yoyon, Owner of Cap “1” Coffee Factory roasting coffee beans at his Factory. (Photo: Irwan,

However, Yoyong himself is not worried that the factory he leads will be displaced by new competitors, because the coffee production from Cap “1” Coffee Factory is very distinctive and will continue to maintain its quality. The best quality is also guaranteed and has been recognized by people in Bangka, said Yoyong. Of course, due to its location in the Sumatra area, this coffee factory supplies its selected coffee beans from the surrounding areas, such as Bengkulu, Lambung, and Jambi.

If you’re visiting Bangka, this Cap “1” Coffee Factory on Jl. Window. A. Yani, Sri Menanti, Sungai Liat, Bangka Regency, Bangka Belitung Islands. The coffee factory is located in the same area as their own coffee shop. You can also buy coffee from Cap “1” Coffee Factory as souvenirs for your family back home.

These are three of the oldest coffee factories in Indonesia that still exist today.

For those of you who are stopping by the cities above, try to stop by these coffee factories. There, you can taste the best coffee produced by the historic coffee factory.

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