The hectic pace of daily activities often makes people rush. In the midst of such a situation, everyone needs to stay focused in order to carry out activities optimally. It’s not uncommon for them to turn to Espresso-based drinks as a savior.

There are various types of drinks Espresso-based drinks available at the café.

Some of the popular Espresso-based coffee drinks in Indonesia are Cappuccino, Caffè Latte, and Americano. Then, what about the other Espresso-based types? Let’s take a look at the summary below!


Espresso-based drinks are defined as drinks made using finely ground coffee under high water pressure and must have crema. There are several kinds of Espresso development. The word “Espresso” itself comes from the word “express” or “quick”, because it is served directly to the customer who ordered it, and as much as possible should be drunk immediately before the ‘crema‘ disappears.

Espresso is coffee brewed at high pressure and temperature.

Espresso coffee is made by grinding coffee finely, then compacting or commonly called “tamping“, then brewing the coffee under high pressure at a high temperature, resulting in a thick coffee extract. Its thick flavor and thick texture make it the base for various coffee menus, such as Cappuccino, Americano, and Caffé Latte.

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It comes from the word “restricted” which means ‘limited’ and the intention is to produce a smaller cup of coffee than Espresso. It is made by using less water for the same amount of ground coffee during the brewing process.

Ristretto in Italian means“restricted” a small version of Espresso.

Grinding the coffee should be finer so that the beverage stays awake long enough to extract all the desired aromatics from the coffee.


Long coffee or Lungo, until recently Lungo was considered outdated.

Lungo is an Espresso drink made with more water.

Regular Lungo is brewed using an Espresso machine but with two or three times the amount of water as the same weight of coffee to make the drink.


This drink takes its name from the idea of “marking” or “staining” espresso with milk foam.

Single Shot Espresso using foam.

The process is similar to the usual Single Shot Espresso with a size of 30 milliliters, but what distinguishes it is the addition of foam or foam of approximately 2 – 3 centimeters.


It is a typical Viennese drink of the 19th century, which is a small brew coffee mixed with milk or cream until it is the same brown color as the robes of “Capuchin” monks.

The original name of this drink is Kapuziner.

The name basically implies the strength of the drink.

Caffé Latte

In Italian, Caffé means “coffee”, and Latte is “milk”, so Caffé Latte means milk coffee. Caffé Lat te or Latte coffee is one of the most popular types of milky coffee drinks alongside Cappuccino.

At first glance, these two types of drinks are similar, but they have different measurements and flavors. Latte coffee has a milkier taste, while Cappuccino has a stronger coffee flavor.

Who likes to order a Caffé Latte when they go to a coffee shop?

Latte coffee has been present in many coffee shops since the 20th century, but according to the story, Latte coffee may have been around since the 17th century. Latte coffee originated in Italy, where many American tourists came and didn’t like the bitterness of the coffee.

Finally, milk is added to reduce or balance the bitterness in the coffee. Subsequently, the amount of milk was patented and the Latte coffee menu became more acceptable to many people.

Flat White

Arguments continue as to whether Flat White was invented in Australia or New Zealand. It was undeniable that the drink originated in Australia and had been spread by those who had traveled to Europe and North America to open businesses there.

Different coffee cultures in the world have given birth to different beverages.

Flat White is like a strong Latte. Flat White usually has a strong coffee flavor, and is usually made with Double Ristretto or Double Espresso, filled with 150 – 175 milliliters of hot milk.

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Mocca Latte

Moccha Latte consists of Espresso, milk, and chocolate syrup or chocolate powder.

Mocca Latte is similar to Caffé Latte.

Then, Mocca Latte is usually topped with whipped cream or a sprinkle of chocolate powder.

Romano Espresso

Single Shot Espresso with the same measure (30 milliliters) with three drops of lime added.

espresso-based drinks
Espresso served with lemon wedges.

While there are many versions of Romano Espresso ‘s origin story, the most interesting is the one related to World War II. At that time, there was a water crisis everywhere in the war zone, and they used lemons to clean their eating and drinking utensils.

And now, somehow in some Italian coffee shops this dish is on their menu.

Con Panna Espresso

Single Shot Espresso with whipped cream.

espresso-based drinks
Con Panna is Italian for Espresso with cream.

The process is the same as making regular Espresso (30 milliliters), except that it is added with whipped cream of approximately five grams.

Doppio Espresso

Double Shot Espresso with approximately 60 milliliters.

espresso-based drinks
Doppio itself means double in Italian.

This is a Double Shot type of Single Espresso that uses a double portafilter as well.


Americano is made from one or two shots of espresso, then hot water is added on top. While black coffee is a beverage brewed from coffee powder without Espresso. So, don’t make the mistake of thinking that Americano is the same as black coffee.

espresso-based drinks
You won’t find a thick crema in Americano.

The reason is that the crema that is usually on the surface of the Espresso has been broken up by the hot water. That’s why the shape of Americano almost resembles Black Coffee.

The most commonly used ratio of espresso to hot water is 1:4. One for Single or Double Shot Espresso, and four for hot water. A cup of Americano usually serves 240 milliliters.


A coffee-based drink that didn’t originate in Italy. Meanwhile, it originated in Spain, and is thought to most likely come from Madrid, where this coffee is usually served.

espresso-based drinks
Milk that cuts the intensity of the Espresso and reduces its acidity.

Traditionally, Spaniards brew their Espresso a little longer. To make a Cortado, about 30 milliliters of Espresso is combined with an equivalent amount of steamed milk, usually served in a glass.


Almost the same as a Cappuccino, but the difference lies in the smaller amount of milk, which is approximately 90 milliliters.

espresso-based drinks
Piccolo is very popular in kangaroo country.

Macchiato and Cortado are considered the “nephews” of Piccolo Latte. The form of the dish is almost similar, only different in the composition of milk and Espresso. Cortado itself, according to Matt Sheridan, Barista of Albury Coffee Mama, is a drink whose composition is between Piccolo Latte and Caffé Latte. With about one-third of a glass of Single Shot and milk.

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Well, those are some Espresso-based coffee drinks that you can taste one by one. There is no precise parameter to measure which dish is better. It all comes down to taste, and the wisest way to judge whether a coffee dish is good or not is to take a sip.

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