Fungal Disease of Leaf Ulcer on Coffee Plants

jamur tukak daun pada kopi

Leaf ulcer fungus or Hemileia vastatrix is a fungal pathogen that causes leaf ulcer disease in coffee plants. This disease is also known as coffee leaf rust. This fungus attacks the leaves of coffee plants and causes the formation of small yellow to brown spots on the leaf surface. As the infection progresses, these spots […]

Effect of Fruit Rot Disease on Coffee Plants

penyakit busuk pada kopi

Fruit rot disease in coffee is a problem often faced by coffee farmers. One example of fruit rot in coffee is the disease caused by the coffee fungus Colletotrichum. Symptoms include red or brown spots on the coffee fruit which then rot and release red or orange spores. This disease can reduce the quality and […]

Anthracnose Disease on Coffee Plants

antraknosa pada tanaman kopi

Anthracnose disease or coffee mite infestation is a common problem in coffee plants. These pests are caused by small mites known as coffee red mites (Oligonychus coffeae) or coffee white mites (Polyphagotarsonemus coffeae). This pest causes damage to the leaves and reduces the productivity of coffee plants. Common Symptoms of Anthracnose Disease on Coffee Plants […]

Coffee Plant Diseases: Triggering Factors and Prevention Strategies

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There are several diseases that can attack coffee plants and potentially cause huge losses to coffee farmers. Types of Coffee Plant Diseases Here are some of them: Rust (Coffee Rust) Rust is the best known and most destructive disease of the coffee plant. The cause is the fungus Hemileia vastatrix. This disease causes brownish-yellow spots […]

Cowboy Brewing Method that Produces Oily Coffee

Metode Brewing Cowboy

Today, there are many modern methods used to brew coffee, such as pour-over, french press, espresso machine, and so on. However, there is a more ancient and lesser-used brewing method known as the ‘Cowboy’ method. This method is one of the simplest ways to brew coffee, without the use of paper filters, and produces coffee […]

Coffee Roaster Drum: More Perfect Coffee Roasting Technology

drum roaster kopi

DrumRoaster is a coffee bean roasting machine that uses a rotating drum to roast coffee beans evenly. The drum is heated, and the coffee beans are put into the drum for temperature-controlled roasting. This roasting process helps turn raw coffee beans into brew-ready coffee beans. Drum Roasters work by heating the drum using a heat […]

Hot Air Coffee Roaster vs Drum Roaster

Hot Air Coffee Roaster vs Drum Roaster

Hot Air Coffee Roaster vs Drum Roaster – Hot air coffee roaster also known as fluid bed coffee ro aster is a type of coffee roasting machine that uses hot air to roast coffee beans. This machine works by directing a stream of hot air directly onto the rotating or moving coffee beans in the […]

Hot Air Coffee Roaster: Pros and Cons

Hot Air Coffee Roaster

Coffee roastingis an important stage in the coffee-making process that affects its flavor, aroma, and final quality. Currently, there are various types of roasting machines available, one of which is the hot air coffee roaster. In recent years, hot air coffee roasting machines have become popular among coffee lovers and coffee business people. This machine […]

Uncovering the Secrets Behind French Press Brewing

seduhan french press

The French Press brewing method is a simple method of brewing, without the use of additional steps or equipment commonly used in more formal French Press brewing. This method is also known as the casual French Press method or the instant French Press method. This method is quite simple and popular among coffee lovers as […]

Rust Outbreak in Coffee Plants

wabah karat

Wabah karat adalah istilah yang digunakan untuk menyebut suatu epidemi atau penyebaran masif penyakit yang disebabkan oleh jamur patogen yang dikenal sebagai Hemileia vastatrix. Penyakit ini umumnya menyerang tanaman kopi, terutama tanaman kopi Arabika dan Robusta. Jamur Hemileia vastatrix menyebabkan gejala berupa bercak-bercak cokelat-kemerahan yang mirip dengan karat pada permukaan daun tanaman kopi. Bercak-bercak ini […]