KopiKita Partner Program

To become a KopiKita Partner

  • Is an original Indonesian company / brand

  • Sell local Indonesian coffee / coffee products

  • The business is a registered business (If not registered, must show evidence that the business exists)

  • Businesses that produce imported coffee may register, but are only allowed to sell local coffee beans (either green beans or roasted) on KopiKita. Coffee products with a mixture of imported coffee beans are also not accepted.

  • Businesses that sell coffee support products (packaging, milk, syrup, etc.), coffee-making equipment, and so on are also allowed to apply. The tools sold do not have to be of Indonesian manufacture.

  • Has demonstrated a positive reputation in terms of products produced. The shop will be checked online or can send proofs of products produced.

Responsibilities of KopiKita Partners

  • Focusing on selling Indonesian coffee products / Indonesian coffee products

  • Guarantee the correctness of store information and products offered at KopiKita

  • Not allowed to sell products outside the theme “Coffee”

  • Promote participation in KopiKita on social media

Responsibilities of KopiKita Partners

  • Free Registration

  • Can participate in platforms aimed specifically at the coffee community

  • Open up opportunities to international markets in the long term

  • Opportunity to participate in events organized by KopiKita