Delicious Sidikalang Coffee: A Taste Heritage from the Land of Batak

kopi sidikalang

From the fertile hills of Tanah Batak, North Sumatra, flows the legendary delicacy of Sidikalang coffee. Processed with distinctive techniques and influenced by the hot climate of its native region, Sidikalang coffee captivates coffee connoisseurs around the world with its unique flavor. In this article, we will dive into the specialty of Sidikalang coffee, reviewing […]

Conilon Brazil Coffee: Its Uniqueness and Characteristics

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Coffee is loved for its flavor, aroma, brewing method, and serving method. Coffee is also one of the world’s most important commodities, consumed by millions of people every day. Coffee has various varieties, one of the interesting coffee varieties to be recognized is Conilon […]

Babyccino: A Coffee Alternative for Kids

Did you know that there are coffee-like drinks for kids? It’s called babyccino. As a parent, knowing babyccino is certainly beneficial so that you can enjoy your coffee without being disturbed by children. So far, coffee is a drink that is identically consumed by adults. The caffeine content can help reduce stress in the midst […]

Coffee Origins: The Long History of the Energizing Drink

Who can resist the delicious fragrance and flavor of a warm cup of coffee? However, did you know that behind every sip of coffee is an interesting story about its origin? Let’s explore together the origin of coffee that has become an integral part of many people’s lives. World’s First Coffee The origin of coffee […]

Getting to know UTZ Coffee Certification

Many of you may not be aware of UTZ certification. So what is UTZ certification? UTZ certification is a label for sustainable coffee and cocoa farming. By providing better opportunities to farmers, their families, and their workers. UTZ certification also has a program for farmers to learn how to farm in a better way. Farmers […]

Indonesia’s Coffee Production Increases from Year to Year

By 2022, Indonesia will rank among the top five coffee-producing countries in the world. In previous years, Indonesia consistently held this position, demonstrating the stability of its coffee production year after year. Factors such as soil and climate play significant roles in why coffee plants thrive in Indonesia. Additionally, the high demand for coffee drives […]

5 World Famous Coffee Chains

Nowadays, there are various coffee chains in the world. Coffee chains are coffee brands you may have heard of. They are popular destinations for coffee lovers seeking the best coffee experience. 5 World Famous Coffee Chains There are many coffee chains in the world that have left a lasting impression on people’s minds. This coffee […]