Arabica Coffee Cultivation for Coffee Farmers, Beginners Can Follow!

In Indonesia, Arabica coffee(Coffea arabica L) is one of the most widely cultivatedcoffees second only to Robusta coffee. The method of cultivating Arabica coffee is quite long. However, by following a certain method, you can definitely do it. Maybe you’re sipping a cup of Arabica coffee with its distinctive mild flavor and want to know […]

Arabica Coffee, the World’s Favorite

Drinking coffee seems to have become a tradition for Indonesians. Almost everyone today has a hobby of drinking coffee. Not just for its fresh taste and aroma, drinking coffee has become a lifestyle for young people. Most of the coffee produced and exported worldwide is Arabica coffee. That’s for obvious reasons, namely that most people […]

Coffee Story: The Story Behind the Brew

Starting from the story of the discovery of “Coffee Beans” which spread to Europe until it finally entered Indonesia and now we can taste the delicious aroma of brewed coffee. What is the story behind the coffee we enjoy every day? From ancient times to the present day, Indonesia has been renowned for its diversity […]