Organic Coffee: Pro-Environment Cultivation, Is it Possible?

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks around the world. In addition to its delicious taste, coffee is also a favorite for people from various parts of the world. Hence, coffee has become the dominant cultivation commodity after food crops, and a raw material for the retail industry that is in demand in the […]

Potential Application of AI in the Coffee Industry

The coffee industry is one field that cannot be separated from Artificial Intelligence (AI). With this artificial intelligence, the potential application of AI in the coffee industry is starting to emerge. AI helps ease the processing process in the coffee industry. In addition, AI can even brew coffee with the right timing and flavor. What […]

What’s the difference between instant coffee and freeze-dried coffee?

Coffee is a very popular and in-demand beverage around the world. However, sometimes we don’t have much time to enjoy traditionally processed coffee, such as grinding raw coffee beans and brewing them with hot water. To answer our practical needs, the coffee industry developed two types of ready-to-brew coffee that are now both very popular, […]

Krema: The Thin Membrane on Top of Espresso

You may have heard the term “krema” while at a coffee shop before, but might not be sure what the baristas are talking about. What is spoken of as krema is widely regarded as the gold standard in espresso making. However, there is also often a difference of opinion on the importance of krema. The […]

Coffee and the Environment: Green Trends in the Coffee Industry

Coffee is a popular beverage around the world, especially for the younger generation today. Coffee has become a favorite among young people because it has become a modern lifestyle and social status. Because of this, the development of the coffee industry and production is increasing year by year. The amount of Indonesian coffee production alone […]

Coffee’s Contribution to Economic and Social Development

Coffee, who doesn’t know this drink? Did you know that coffee is not only known as a popular beverage, but also contributes greatly to our economic and social development? Yes, coffee is an important commodity in local and international trade and a source of strength for the food economy. In Indonesia, many regions have this […]

Coffee Trail: Cultural Heritage in Various Countries

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. Apart from being a delicious beverage, coffee also has an important cultural value in various countries. Each country has its own unique way of preparing coffee and serving it. This includes representing the traditions and daily habits of the people in the culture […]

Ever seen a painting made from coffee? Check out these artists’ works!

Painting is a form of creative expression that has existed for centuries and continues to evolve today. From prehistoric cave paintings to modern abstract paintings, painting has played an important role in human history and our culture. Paintings often give us a meaningful depiction of a phenomenon in human civilization, realistically or surrealistically. Because of […]

Kintamani Coffee: Bali’s Spiritual Coffee

The Island of the Gods is well known for its tourist destinations and natural beauty. However, Bali is not just about the beach and the sea. Bali is also known to the world as one of the best producers of Arabica coffee beans. In Bali, precisely in the Kintamani area near Mount Batur, there are […]