“Local Coffee VS Imported Coffee: What’s the Difference?”

kopi lokal vs kopi impor

Kopi, sebagai minuman yang telah menjadi sahabat setia dalam rutinitas harian banyak orang, tidak hanya menjadi sekedar minuman penyemangat, tetapi juga menggambarkan cerita dan warisan suatu daerah. Dari kebun-kebun kopi yang tersebar di pelosok desa hingga meja cafe yang ramai di pusat kota, kita menemui dua dunia kopi yang tampaknya berbeda namun sama-sama mengundang penasaran […]

History and Development of Coffee Planting in Vietnam

sejarah kopi vietnam

Sejarah dan Perkembangan Penanaman Kopi di Vietnam – Pecinta kopi dimanapun berada, Vietnam merupakan sebuah negara yang terkenal dengan pemandangan alam yang memesona, memiliki kekayaan budaya yang luar biasa, dan juga dikenal sebagai salah satu produsen kopi terbesar di dunia. Kopi telah menjadi salah satu komoditas ekonomi utama di negara ini, dapat memainkan peran penting […]

Delicious Sidikalang Coffee: A Taste Heritage from the Land of Batak

kopi sidikalang

From the fertile hills of Tanah Batak, North Sumatra, flows the legendary delicacy of Sidikalang coffee. Processed with distinctive techniques and influenced by the hot climate of its native region, Sidikalang coffee captivates coffee connoisseurs around the world with its unique flavor. In this article, we will dive into the specialty of Sidikalang coffee, reviewing […]

Cold Brew vs Iced Coffee in a Cold Cup of Coffee

Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Cold brew is a coffee brewing method that produces a coffee drink with a smooth, low-acid flavor. The difference with traditional coffee brewing methods, such as pour-over or espresso, is that the coffee extraction process uses cold water or low temperature water over a longer period of time, usually between 12 to 24 hours. Iced […]

Coffee Percolator: Simple Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Percolator Kopi: Tips dan Trik Sederhana untuk Pemula

Coffee has become a beverage that has deep cultural roots in many countries around the world. From smooth Arabica coffee to nourishing Robusta coffee, there are so many flavor varieties that coffee lovers can enjoy. In addition, different coffee brewing tools have also become part of cultural heritage and tradition. One of the classic coffee […]

Getting to know the 2023 Brewers Competition Rules

Peraturan Kompetisi Brewers 2023

The rules for the 2023 brewers’ competition based on the SCA and approved by the WCE are different every year. For brewers, it may be familiar. A person interested in contributing as a participant is required to understand the rules of the 2023 brewers competition. That way the preparation will be much more thorough. Although, […]

Getting to know the 2023 Barista Competition Rule Changes

Perubahan Peraturan Kompetisi Barista 2023

This world-class event has become one of the most anticipated events in the global coffee industry. Every year there are changes to the rules of the 2023 barista competition. In December 2022, the Speciality Coffee Association released changes to the 2023 barista competition rules. These regulatory changes revolve around participants, judges’ scoring, and participant performance […]

Getting to know the 2023 Barista Competition Rules

Untuk memahami lebih lanjut, artikel ini akan membahas mengenai World Barista Championship dan peraturan kompetisi barista 2023. 

Maybe some people who have been in the coffee industry already know this barista competition. However, there are also those who do not understand the meaning and rules of the 2023 barista competition. To understand more, this article will discuss the World Barista Championship and the rules of the 2023 barista competition. What is WBC? […]

Salt in coffee can enhance its flavor?

Garam Pada Kopi

Drinkingcoffee is an experience that brings irreplaceable pleasure and satisfaction. Especially in the afternoon as a stress reliever after a long day at work. While salt is a common kitchen ingredient used in cooking and gives flavor to food. So, what if the two are combined together in one drink? Can it make the coffee […]

Health Benefits of Coffee

Who doesn’t love the fragrant aroma of coffee evaporating in the morning? Not only does coffee provide a delicious sensation, it also has many benefits for our health. Let ‘s explore them together! Before we discuss more about its benefits, let’s first get to know coffee well. Coffee comes from the beans of the coffee […]