Indonesia’s Coffee Production Increases from Year to Year

By 2022, Indonesia will rank among the top five coffee-producing countries in the world. In previous years, Indonesia consistently held this position, demonstrating the stability of its coffee production year after year. Factors such as soil and climate play significant roles in why coffee plants thrive in Indonesia. Additionally, the high demand for coffee drives […]

Is it Okay to Drink Coffee at Night?

Is it okay to drink coffee at night? As you may know, coffee contains caffeine which makes it difficult to sleep. In the human body, there is a compound called adenosine that makes you sleepy. This is where caffeine’s function allows it to block adenosine. This is what causes a person not to feel sleepy […]

Coffeehouse Revival: How Millennials Fueled Coffee Culture

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. Almost everyone has tasted coffee. However, these days, it’s not just the taste and aroma of coffee that’s attractive. Coffee has also become a symbol of culture and lifestyle. In fact, coffee shops have become a popular place for millennials to relax, hang […]

Kintamani Coffee: Bali’s Spiritual Coffee

The Island of the Gods is well known for its tourist destinations and natural beauty. However, Bali is not just about the beach and the sea. Bali is also known to the world as one of the best producers of Arabica coffee beans. In Bali, precisely in the Kintamani area near Mount Batur, there are […]

The Most Popular Sumatran Coffee in Indonesian Cafes

In general, coffee beans have a distinctive character, shape, texture and flavor. The same applies to coffee beans from the island of Sumatra. It is certainly influenced by climate, weather, soil fertility and the coffee variety itself. If we talk about Sumatran coffee, then we need to know what regions and coffee varieties are cultivated […]

Coffee Story: The Forced Coffee Cultivation System in West Sumatra [Part 4]

Within a decade of reaching the pinnacle of the success of the coffee Cultivation System in West Sumatra. Coffee production dropped dramatically and the government was unable to stem the decline. It was also what made the colonial government revoke the Coffee Cultivation System in 1908. Kenneth R. Young describes several factors in the decline […]

Coffee Story: The Forced Coffee Cultivation System in West Sumatra [Part 3]

In 1845, the last Padri center village in Sungai Pagu was captured by the colonial government. With that, West Sumatra was completely conquered by the colonial government. Michiels’ proposal was accepted and implemented without significant resistance from the people, especially the clergy, so conditions were more stable and economic activity could run smoothly. On March […]

Coffee Story: The Forced Coffee Cultivation System in West Sumatra [Part 2]

Still about the story of forced planting and coffee in West Sumatra. Based on the last writing of the Governor of West Sumatra, Colonel A.V. Michiels made a proposal about the coffee system. Michiels’ proposal was ignored, because in late 1838 a government commissioner -P. Merkus, a member of the Raad van Indie – was […]

The Story of Tubruk Coffee, the Story of the Indonesian Nation

Kopi tubruk is one of the most popular types of coffee in Indonesia. This type of coffee is served by mixing coffee grounds and sugar, then adding hot water. Then, the mixture is stirred until well mixed. Tubruk coffee was originally served without milk or cream added, so the coffee flavor is strong and concentrated. […]