Do you know what the 4C Certification Guidelines are? So the Common Code for the Coffee or 4C certification is coffee that has been produced in accordance with the 4C provisions, which are basic sustainable principles and practices for producing coffee beans.

The 4C Certification Guidelines were also created to create an entry-level standard for contributions from company representatives, farmers, and companies to the coffee sector aimed at increasing productivity. This 4c certification shares a way for coffee sellers to introduce basic access through an improvement scheme.

Of course, 4C certification also has requirements to get it. Before we move on to the requirements let us look at the history of 4C certification first.

What is 4C Certification

4C or Compliant Coffee certification is coffee that has been produced in accordance with the 4C provisions, which are basic sustainable principles and practices for producing coffee beans. The 4C certification itself works to realize a sustainable coffee supply chain and also improve welfare for farmers.

Compliance that can be demonstrated through the 4C certification system and the 4C certification that will be issued.

The principles and criteria for 4C certification are set out in the 4C code of conduct which was developed in a transparent and comprehensive multi-stakeholder process. The focus of the 4C behavior pedoma itself is on sustainable green coffee bean production and post-harvest activities. So what are the 4Cs of behavior?

4C behavior guidelines

The 4C Certification aims to gradually improve the social, economic and environmental conditions of production and processing. Well to achieve that 4C certification has 4C behavior guidelines which consist of:

  • 12 principles, these principles cut across social, economic, and environmental lines and are based on good agriculture and management as well as internationally recognized and accepted conventions and standards in the coffee sector.
  • 45 criteria, criteria that require specific checkpoints to be controlled during the audit to verify compliance with their respective criteria.
  • 3 level of compliance, compliance that enables smooth entry into certification and ensures continuous improvement of certified producers.

4C Certification Requirements

The requirements used to obtain 4C certification are not easy. 4C-compliant coffee is coffee produced in accordance with the 4C code of conduct, a set of sustainable principles and practices for green coffee bean production.

The 4C behavioral guidelines also apply to all types of 4C unit-producing entities based in coffee-producing countries that wish to sell or produce coffee in accordance with the 4C. The 4C unit concept is also inclusive and covers all production facilities or processes such as small-scale farmer groups, cooperatives, factories, local traders, and others.

In unit 4C there are also two requirements to fulfill:

  • Have a person or group that can ensure the implementation of the 4Cs behavioral guidelines.
  • Can produce and supply at least one container of green coffee.

To receive the 4C Certificate, 4C Units must also comply with the 4C Code of Conduct and meet requirements related to the organization and management of the Unit to sell coffee in accordance with 4C.

How to Get 4C Certification

Of course, getting or maintaining 4C certification requires 3 main stages. Here are the 3 main stages:

  • Certification preparation

Check the compliance of all business partners with the 4C system requirements and then confirm the exclusion of major checkpoint nonconformities in the 4C unit.

  • Certification process

This process starts with the application before the actual audit is conducted and the certificate can be issued. Compliance audits should be conducted by the 4C cooperation certification body.

  • Maintenance of certification

To maintain UM certification, Unit 4C must also report annually on the volume of coffee traded as meeting the 4C standard through the 4C portal.

So those are the things to know at least to get to know more about 4C certification. Hopefully, this article has helped you understand more about 4C certification.

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