7 Ways to Enjoy Espresso for Beginners – Espresso is a type of coffee dish produced by extracting coffee beans that have been ground with hot water under high pressure. Espresso is usually served in a small cup containing approximately 30-45 ml of coffee.

7 Ways to Enjoy Espresso for Beginners

However, few people can enjoy a cup of espresso because the resulting flavor is very heavy and concentrated. In this article, we will provide tips on how to enjoy a cup of espresso for beginners to maximize the flavor.

1. Using the Right Cup

Espresso is usually served approximately 30-45 ml. Therefore, use a cup that matches the dose so that we can more easily enjoy Espresso according to the recommended dose.

There are many cup options that can be used but, the most appropriate cups are Tiny Demitasse Espresso Cup. Tiny Demitasse Cup is a small coffee cup that can hold about 50-80 ml. Most demitasse cups are very small with a height of 5 – 6.35 cm.

After that, make sure to pour the cup with hot water to make the coffee taste even more special.

2. Serve Espresso with a Glass of Water

Espresso is usually served with a glass of mineral water, the mineral water can be hot or cold according to each taste. It aims to make the Espresso served more enjoyable.

You can drink mineral water first before drinking Espresso to cleanse your palate and also neutralize the taste in your mouth. You can also drink it in between while you’re enjoying your Espresso.

3. Enjoy the aroma of the Espresso Served

Besides enjoying the flavor of the Espresso, we can also enjoy the aroma of the Espresso. Because Espresso has a very distinctive coffee aroma because it comes from extracted coffee beans, so it is still very natural.

To further add to our sensation when enjoying Espresso, enjoy the aroma produced from the Espresso. The trick is to point the cup towards your nose and inhale the aroma with a long, slow breath.

4. Stir the Espresso Slowly

For beginners, it is recommended to stir the Espresso first. Since the most bitter part of Espresso lies in the topmost layer of Espresso, that layer is called crema.

Crema is the dark yellow froth that appears on the surface of Espresso. The clearer and thicker the crema, the better the quality of the espresso. But the more bitter the flavor, the more bitter it becomes.

This method is the most appropriate way for beginners to enjoy Espresso because it can reduce the bitterness of the Espresso itself.

5. Drink Espresso by Sipping Slowly

Enjoy your Espresso slowly by sipping little by little. This aims to maximize our tongue in digesting the taste of the Espresso. Try to savor every sip of your cup of Espresso.

Experience a special sensation that can only be found when we drink Espresso that we don’t find in other coffee offerings. And also feel the aftertaste caused after we sipped the Espresso.

The aftertaste that appears can vary depending on the type and quality of the coffee beans we choose in making Espresso.

6. Enjoy Espresso Immediately While Warm

Indeed, in enjoying Espresso we have to drink it slowly but keep in mind. The best taste of Espresso is when the Espresso is at the right temperature aka not too hot and not too cold. Therefore, finish your Espresso immediately before your Espresso gets cold.

The longer it sits, the more the flavor of the Espresso will change and can reduce the quality of the Espresso. So savor it a little at a time, but don’t give too long a pause between sips of your coffee.

7. How to Enjoy Espresso with Brownies/Cookies

The last way to enjoy Espresso for beginners is with a side snack. Choose a side snack that has a sweet flavor, such as brownies or cookies.
The trick is to eat a little snack first, then sip the Espresso slowly. Let everything mix in your mouth to produce a balanced flavor, between the bitterness of the Espresso and the sweetness of the Brownies or Cookies.

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