For coffee lovers, the terms ‘americano’ and ‘long black’ are certainly not unfamiliar. However, for beginners, they may seem the same. Both ‘americano’ and ‘long black’ are black coffees with no milk, sugar, or other flavorings added. Despite their similar flavors, these two coffees have some differences.

Get acquainted with Americano

Americano coffee is a black coffee menu from America. The basic ingredient of americano is espresso that is added with hot water so that the crema of the espresso is broken up. Originally, the americano was created during the second world war. At that time, American soldiers in Italy ran out of coffee supplies. Finally, they were forced to consume espresso coffee.

Apparently the flavor of espresso was too strong for the American soldiers. Therefore, they add hot water to the espresso so that the taste becomes lighter. Since then Italians have referred to espresso with hot water added as americano because it is only done by Americans.

So what is Long Black?

If the Americano comes from the customs of the American army, the Long Black is a type of black coffee that originates from Australia and New Zealand. Similar to the Americano, the Long Black is made from espresso and hot water. The Long Black is prepared by pouring espresso into a glass of hot water.

The addition of espresso at the end is intended to preserve the flavor of the crema in the espresso. This is because the crema layer contributes to the unique flavor of each coffee. Therefore, the flavor of the Long Black is more intense because the espresso is on the surface of the coffee, and the crema on the surface of the coffee remains intact.

The difference

Both americano and long black are made with espresso and hot water. Over time, both types of black coffee can also be served cold with the addition of ice cubes. But both have differences that are easy to find from the way they are made to the flavors they produce.

How to make

The difference between a long black and an americano is obvious at first glance. The method of making a long black is the opposite of an americano. While an americano coffee is made by pouring hot water over espresso, a long black is made by pouring espresso into a glass of hot water. Thus, the resulting flavor will also be different.

Americano and a long black have almost the same amount of water and espresso, but generally, the water content in a long black is less than in an americano. The brewing method also affects the appearance of these two black coffees. A long black has a surviving crema layer while an americano does not, as the espresso is located at the bottom of the glass.


For some, the Americano and the Long Black have similar flavors. However, there are also those who believe that the flavors of these two black coffees differ. The variations in flavor are also attributed to the way they are prepared. The Americano has a milder flavor compared to the Long Black because hot water is poured over the espresso, resulting in a lighter taste.

In contrast to the Americano, the Long Black is prepared by pouring espresso over hot water. The quantity of hot water used in the Long Black is also less, resulting in a stronger and more intense flavor. Additionally, the crema’s flavor in Long Black coffee is more pronounced compared to Americano coffee due to the different positioning of the espresso.

Crema Location

In long black coffee, the crema is on the surface of the cup because the espresso is poured at the last stage. Of course, this can be clearly seen in long black coffee. The color of the crema in long black is generally brownish.

Whereas in americano coffee, the crema is barely visible or even missing. This is because the espresso in the americano is overwritten with hot water. But there is also a crema that appears, depending on the coffee used. The crema color of americano is generally brighter than the crema in long black and is sometimes not visible.

Use of Cups

Hot americano and long black coffee are generally served by the cup. However, both are served in different cup sizes. Americano coffee is usually served in a large glass measuring approximately 240 ml. Some serve it in a larger glass depending on their taste.

Long black coffee is usually served in smaller cups and only comes in one size. This is because the amount of hot water for long black coffee is often the same, but again adjusted to taste.


Both americano and long black are black coffee and can be served hot or cold. Both have fundamental differences in the manufacturing process. Americano is made by pouring hot water over espresso, while long black is made by pouring espresso over hot water.

Americano coffee has a lighter flavor due to the position of the hot water on top of the espresso. This is certainly different from long black, which has a more intense flavor due to the position of the espresso above the hot water. Long black is also synonymous with visible crema while americano has very little or no crema.

So, do you prefer americano or long black?

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