Often when we walk into a coffee shop and the aroma in a cup of coffee is strong throughout the room. Whether it’s the aroma of brewed, processed, or ground coffee. The coffee gives off a delicious and distinctive aroma. This time, we will discuss information about the aroma and flavor in a cup of coffee in this article, let’s see the review below!

Aroma, a term derived from the Late Latin word arōmata, or the Ancient Greek word ἄρωμα. Both have the meaning of spice or fragrant odor. This word “aroma” is used to define a pleasant or refreshing smell.

The aroma in a cup of coffee

Coffee aroma is one of the most important things in assessing coffee before it is marketed. In the process of cupping coffee, aroma can help assess the flavor and body characteristics of coffee. Before drinking, the aroma of the coffee will give a clue as to whether the flavor character is sweet, fruity, nutty, or other.

All stages of the cupping process are similar. However, a coffee analyst can find his own way. Knowing the character of coffee flavors in general requires some analysis, so that based on several opinions it can be concluded which character dominates in this coffee.

In the process, cupping is usually done in two parts, namely the mouth and nose. The mouth part referred to in this process is in the tongue, which will directly feel the flavor characters of the coffee, such as acidity , sweetness , bitterness, and others.

To recognize the aroma of coffee, the nose must at least be sensitive to the basic types of coffee aroma. At least basic scents, such as fruits, spices, and more. To train the sense of smell to be sensitive to scents, it is usually necessary to train by smelling each different type of scent.

Basically, aroma is the smell of coffee, which gives it a flavor that cannot be directly perceived by the tongue (sweet, salt, bitter, sour). There are more than 800 aromatics present in coffee thanks to advances incupping technology.

Since “aroma” is the release of odorous compounds from coffee through the air, fresh coffee will have a much stronger aroma than cold coffee. Generally, as roasting becomes darker, more compounds in the coffee will change and become visible, which means the aroma will become bitter.

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What does coffee smell like?

Aroma as one of the main coffee qualities that indicates the flavor of coffee along with acidity, sweetness, bitterness, and aftertaste. In addition, coffee aroma is one of the main categories used by professional coffee tasters(cuppers) to assess coffee quality.

The aroma of coffee can be described as burning, herbal, or fruity. Many coffee aromas are described as floral. For example, Yemen Mocha coffee is known for its fresh floral aroma. Coffee freshness and roasting are important factors in enhancing the desired aroma of coffee.

aroma in a cup of coffee
In general, coffee has four aromas. Most people focus on dry aroma ( ground roasted coffee, before the brewing process), and wet aroma ( wet ground coffee during brewing).

There are two other scents as well. The first is raw coffee beans with beany and grassy aromas. The final aroma is the roasted coffee beans themselves, before being ground to make brewed coffee (or Espresso). Most of the aroma of new coffee beans comes out within an hour of roasting, usually smelling like burning, but some coffee beans smell like fruit, which is a sign of high-quality coffee beans.

The most common coffee aromas

Some of the most common coffee aroma descriptions include:

  • Chocolate (chocolate)
  • Nutty (nuts)
  • Spicy (cloves, pepper)
  • Fruity (apple, blueberry, apricot)
  • Sweet (honey, caramel, vanilla)
  • Herbs (basil, tomato, cucumber, rosemary)
  • Roasted (tobacco, burning, toast)

You can find a variety of aromas in coffee in each type, for example Arabica coffee, often associated with its fruity aroma and taste.

Factors affecting coffee aroma

The treatment and processing of coffee beans greatly affects the aroma and flavor of coffee. Some of the influencing factors are the environment in which the coffee beans are grown and harvested, the processing, roasting, and brewing processes that will determine the quality of the coffee beans.

The specific environmental factors in question relate to where the coffee beans are grown and where the beans come from, and include things like soil, sunlight, weather, and basically anything that impacts the way the coffee beans can grow.

In addition, what affects the aroma of coffee beans is the roasting process. There are several levels of roasting , ranging from light, medium, to dark. This level in the roasting process greatly affects the aroma of the coffee beans produced.

Can coffee smell bad?

The answer is, you can. Over time, the aroma and flavor of coffee can also fade, so it is important to know how to store it properly to maintain its aroma and flavor. Coffee can have a sour and musty aroma like stale when not stored properly.

The wrong storage method can affect the aroma and flavor of coffee, so coffee should be stored in a dry and sealed place. Uncleanly washed coffee-making equipment, water quality, and coffee beans that have been sitting for too long can also change the aroma and flavor of coffee.

Apart from storage, coffee beans can also have an unpleasant aroma when there aredefects in the beans or errors in coffee processing. The hygroscopic nature of coffee also means that coffee beans can easily absorb foreign odors from their surroundings. This can result in unfamiliar aromas such as ferment, baggy, or chemical.


Well, that was a review of the aroma and flavor in a cup of coffee. The aroma and taste that comes out of coffee is very unique and different from one another, then the processing process and the area where the coffee beans are grown, to thecupping process on the aroma and taste of coffee we have also discussed in the review above!

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