Innovations in Coffee Brewing Over Time

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. Many people devise new innovations or reapply old ways to brew and consume coffee from time to time. Innovations in coffee brewing over time There are a number of different ways to brew coffee without the use of machines or other electronic devices. […]

Espresso or Expresso?

For coffee lovers, you must be familiar with Espresso. One of the bases of various popular coffee offerings in the country such as Cappuccino, Americano, and so on. Its bitter and distinctive taste makes many people make Espresso and its preparations a favorite. Interestingly, we often hear people refer to Espresso as Expresso. Even today […]

Exploring Popular Espresso-Based Drinks

The hectic pace of daily activities often makes people rush. In the midst of such a situation, everyone needs to stay focused in order to carry out activities optimally. It’s not uncommon for them to turn to Espresso-based drinks as a savior. Some of the popular Espresso-based coffee drinks in Indonesia are Cappuccino, Caff√® Latte, […]

Cold Brew and Iced Coffee, What’s the Difference?

In this transitional season, sometimes rainy and sometimes hot, there is one drink that sounds refreshing: Cold Brew. But should we choose Cold Brew or Iced Coffee? And what’s the difference between these two throat-refreshing coffee drinks? In this article, we will talk about cold coffee drinks. From brewing methods to flavors, we also look […]

Does Coffee Need to be Extracted?

Before starting our morning activities or after our evening activities, we often need a cup of coffee to enjoy. Behind the cup of coffee you drink, there is a process that must be carefully considered so that you can enjoy coffee to the fullest. Let’s see how to enjoy coffee optimally below! Does coffee need […]

Getting to know Caffeine in Coffee

As we all know, we’re familiar with caffeine in coffee. Even the caffeine in coffee itself is very influential for our health. It can have both positive and negative effects depending on how often people consume coffee. Then, how is the caffeine contained in coffee? Let’s take a look at the caffeine in coffee review below!

Instant Coffee vs. Ground Coffee

Various kinds of coffee drink innovations are still growing today, even this drink is already available instant in packaging, which certainly makes it easier for coffee lovers who want to drink coffee only from home or in a short time. The proliferation of instant coffee products in stores certainly doesn’t make us forget the traditional […]

Get to know the Roasting Level for You Coffee Lovers

When buying coffee beans at a coffee shop or supermarket, what’s the first thing you see on the packaging? Type of coffee and its origin or roast level? Have you ever heard or known about coffee roasting levels? It must feel familiar to hear this, especially if you are a coffee lover. So, what does […]

Aroma and Flavor Enjoyment in a Cup of Coffee

Often when we walk into a coffee shop and the aroma in a cup of coffee is strong throughout the room. Whether it’s the aroma of brewed, processed, or ground coffee. The coffee gives off a delicious and distinctive aroma. This time, we will discuss information about the aroma and flavor in a cup of […]

What is Latte Art? Painting on Coffee Cups?

What is Latte art? As a popular coffee decoration that many coffee lovers are interested in with a white image design on coffee drinks, it is not uncommon to witness the action of baristas making Latte art which at first glance looks easy even though it requires a lot of techniques. In the previous article, […]