Efforts to Create a Prosperous Future of Coffee Industry through Food & Hotel Indonesia 2023

Food & Hotel Indonesia 2023

Food & Hotel Indonesia (FHI) 2023 merupakan acara pameran yang mempertemukan ratusan perusahaan nasional serta internasional dalam bidang Food & Beverages (F & B) dan perhotelan. FHI mengangkat tema “Counteract the Environmental Impact Through Sustainability Towards the Global Market” yang tujuan acaranya untuk mendukung pertumbuhan bisnis F&B dan perhotelan secara berkelanjutan. Acara diselenggarakan 25-28 Juli […]

History of Semi-Automatic Coffee Machine

Mesin Kopi Semi Otomatis

The semi-automatic coffee machine is one of the developments of the espresso machine invented by Angelo Moriondo. Today, the machine is one of the easiest tools to use in producing the best coffee desired. With a semi-automatic coffee machine, baristas can still make coffee without losing its characteristics with a little help from machine power. […]

Cascara, Processed from Coffee Fruit Skin that Often Goes to Waste

Cascara, Olahan dari Kulit Buah Kopi yang Sering Menjadi Limbah

Cascara is proof that coffee fruit skin, which often ends up as waste, can be utilized for something useful. In the post-harvest process of coffee, stripping the skin is done using a machine that can also be referred to as a pulper. Water should always be applied when peeling to soften the skin so that […]

Ready to Drink Coffee Beverage Trends to Know

Tren Minuman Ready to Drink Coffee yang Perlu Diketahui

Today, Ready to Drink (RTD) coffee is easily found in supermarkets across Indonesia. This drink is widely sought after because it offers practicality. Customers only need to pick their preferred coffee drink, pay at the cashier, and the coffee is ready to be enjoyed. No more waiting in line or waiting around for a sweet […]

Get to know various coffee sorting tools

One important process to produce quality coffee beans is sorting. Therefore, the right coffee sorting tool is needed to facilitate the process. As you know, sorting can also be defined as sorting. That is, the process of selecting what is necessary and excluding what is not. In this case, coffee sorting means the selection of […]

Get to know the Drip Coffee Method

Drip coffee is a method of making coffee by letting the coffee drip little by little from the device used. The drip coffee method is often used by baristas in cafes to get a delicious coffee flavor in large quantities. Making it is not too difficult because it is enough with manual tools, the coffee […]