The semi-automatic coffee machine is one of the developments of the espresso machine invented by Angelo Moriondo. Today, the machine is one of the easiest tools to use in producing the best coffee desired.

With a semi-automatic coffee machine, baristas can still make coffee without losing its characteristics with a little help from machine power.

How was the Espresso Machine Invented?

Before discussing semi-automatic coffee machines, we will first explain the history of espresso machines.

In 19th century Italy, in 1884, Angelo Moriondo introduced this machine. At that time, the demand for coffee in Europe was very high. However, it takes a little longer to make coffee.

Hence, this espresso machine initiative brought about a change in the coffee brewing process. Espresso is derived from the Italian word for made on the spur of the moment.

Unfortunately, the machine invented by Angelo Moriondo could not develop further. That is why in the development of this machine there are the names Luigi Bezerra and Desiderio Pavoni.

They add some features or parts, such as portafilter, brew head, pressure relief valve, and steam wand. Later, it was exhibited in Milan in 1906. After that, espresso machines began to appear.

Then, when did semi-automatic coffee machines appear? The machine appeared in 1961. A company called Faema from Italy introduced a machine that can make coffee easily and quickly.

This machine has a larger size than an automatic machine. To use it, you need to do several processes manually before putting the ingredients to make coffee into this machine…

Even so, this machine still offers ease of use. The semi-automatic machine can regulate the heating of water until it sets the desired temperature. In addition, there is also a steam wand that can assist in steaming milk.

The barista can adjust the coffee and water levels to his or her liking. This keeps the coffee from losing its distinctive flavor. In addition, at some stages, baristas also don’t have to worry about the brewing process which is already automated by this machine.

How a semi-automatic coffee machine works

How does a semi-automatic coffee machine work? In semi-automatic espresso machines, there are generally parts such as portafilter. Its function is to hold the coffee and as a place for the extraction process to occur.

Then, there is a pump that functions to regulate water in the coffee extraction process, there is also a boiler that functions to heat water, and many other parts.

Essentially, how this semi-automatic coffee machine works depends on how far you want to go in making coffee using the machine’s features. Which parts of the process do you want to control.

However, if you want to understand how an espresso machine works, it works as follows.

The first thing to do is to put water into the machine and the boiler will heat the water. After that, place the coffee for processing in the portafilter. Later, the coffee will be compacted using a tamper.

Next, the pump will pressurize the hot water. The process forces hot water through the ground coffee grounds so that the coffee comes out of a small funnel called a spout.

You can also adjust the milk steam process on the espresso machine. The trick is to place a container of milk under the steam wand. After that, you can turn the valve to the steam position.

Later, the engine will start working quickly to boil the water and open the valves. The vapor will flow out through the nozzles. Furthermore, the pump will keep the heating vessel supplied with water.

It is the hot steam that can later produce milk froth. As is known, milk is also an important ingredient in making coffee, such as latte or cappuccino.

Therefore, in making this milk froth, you can also use a semi-automatic coffee machine to get the right blend of espresso and milk.

That’s an explanation of the history of semi-automatic coffee machines that need to be known. Are you interested in having this machine at home?

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