Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in today’s society and has become a part of many people’s lives. Whether it’s after waking up, having lunch, or just relaxing in the afternoon, coffee always accompanies its connoisseurs.

Speaking of waking up, many people have the habit of drinking coffee after waking up, especially before breakfast. Many people say that consuming coffee in the morning after waking up can increase enthusiasm, motivation, and energy. However, is drinking coffee in the morning before meals safe for our bodies? Check out the explanation below.

It’s best to avoid drinking coffee before meals

Drinking coffee before meals on an empty stomach is not safe for our bodies. This habit can trigger various risks of health problems. Reporting from Halodoc, drinking coffee on an empty stomach can stimulate the body to produce stomach acid and can increase the risk of GERD symptoms, such as nausea, easy fullness, frequent burping, heartburn or heat in the chest, to difficulty swallowing food or drinks.

Dr. Djordjevic also added that drinking coffee when the stomach is empty can irritate the stomach itself which leads to heartburn, even stomach ulcers.

In addition, according to Dr. Nikola Djordjevic, MD. reported by, consuming coffee on an empty stomach in the morning can also increase the stress hormone cortisol. This hormone produced by the adrenal glands regulates metabolism, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels which can trigger stress if produced in excess.

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Drink coffee after a full stomach

Everyone’s digestive condition is different, as is their tolerance level for coffee on an empty stomach. However, it is highly recommended to at least have a light snack before consuming coffee in the morning.

If you still want to drink something after waking up on an empty stomach, you can try other alternatives to coffee, such as infused water mixed with fruits, fruit juice, warm ginger, and milk.

drinking coffee before meals
Drinking coffee after breakfast you no longer need to worry about being exposed to the risk of health problems above.

That’s the explanation about consuming coffee in the morning before eating on an empty stomach. Now that your stomach is filled, you can enjoy a cup of coffee with pleasure and peace of mind.

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