As a drink that is loved by many people, coffee is one of the most promising business lines. Moreover, coffee has become a part of life for most Indonesians. The huge opportunity for the coffee business has led to more and more coffee shops popping up in every corner of cities across Indonesia.

Talking about the coffee shop business, in addition to choosing quality coffee beans to be served to customers in the form of drinks, the location of the coffee shop itself must be carefully planned, because it is one of the determining factors for the success of a coffee shop business.

Do you want or are planning to open a coffee shop business? Let’s look at the following tips for choosing a coffee shop business location.

Customize the location with the target market

Before choosing the location of your coffee shop, you need to do some research and determine the target of your business. Once the target market has been determined, you can then look for the right location to place your coffee shop business to be close to the target market.

The target market can be considered in terms of lifestyle, age, income, occupation, and so on.

For example, if your coffee shop business has a target market of young people who are still in college, then you can choose the location of your coffee business near universities or student residence areas.

Consider accessibility

Examples of strategic locations are on the side of the highway, having adequate parking space, and being close to public transportation stops.

To keep your coffee shop business busy, you must choose a strategic location with easy access for customers.

With easy access, it will be easier for customers to visit your coffee shop.

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Choose a location that is easily visible

In addition to easy access, the coffee shop business must also be easy to see so that customers will also find the coffee shop more easily.

choosing a coffee shop business location
You can choose a location by the highway for high visibility of your coffee shop.

However, if the location of your coffee shop business is far from the highway, you can get around it by giving a sign of the coffee shop’s name in an easily visible place, utilize social media, and upload the location map plan on social media accounts.

Pay attention to the surrounding environment

You also need to pay attention to the environmental conditions around where your coffee shop is located, such as road conditions, drainage, and water. Being in a tropical climate, Indonesia often experiences flooding during the rainy season. Therefore, make sure you choose a location that is safe from flooding for your coffee shop.

choosing a coffee shop business location
Choosing the right location is necessary for public convenience and safety.

Then, you also need to pay attention to whether or not there are competitors around the location. If there are competitors, you should consider whether your business will still be able to compete healthily with competitors.

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So, those are the tips for choosing a location for a coffee shop business. Good luck, and may your coffee shop business run smoothly!

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