The Right Way to Store Green Beans for Quality

Green beans are raw coffee beans obtained from cleaned and dried coffee cherries. These raw coffee beans will then be processed into ground coffee or ready-to-drink coffee after going through the roasting and grinding process. Green beans can be classified into different types of quality, such as Specialty, Premium, and Commercial. In addition, green beans […]

Coffee Variants You Should Know: Liberica and Excelsa!

You must have heard of Robusta and Arabica coffee types very often. Whether you’re a coffee lover or someone who likes to go to coffee shops, these two types of coffee must be familiar to you. But did you know that besides these two coffee variants, there are also coffee variants called Liberica and Excelsa? […]

Indonesian Coffee Beans You Need to Try!

As Indonesians, we should be proud of the abundance of biological resources spread across the country. Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest exports of coffee beans in the world. Coffee beans in Indonesia are widely distributed across the country. You must know that Indonesia is blessed with some of the best coffee […]