Coffee Origins: The Long History of the Energizing Drink

Who can resist the delicious fragrance and flavor of a warm cup of coffee? However, did you know that behind every sip of coffee is an interesting story about its origin? Let’s explore together the origin of coffee that has become an integral part of many people’s lives. World’s First Coffee The origin of coffee […]

Ever seen a painting made from coffee? Check out these artists’ works!

Painting is a form of creative expression that has existed for centuries and continues to evolve today. From prehistoric cave paintings to modern abstract paintings, painting has played an important role in human history and our culture. Paintings often give us a meaningful depiction of a phenomenon in human civilization, realistically or surrealistically. Because of […]

The Most Popular Sumatran Coffee in Indonesian Cafes

In general, coffee beans have a distinctive character, shape, texture and flavor. The same applies to coffee beans from the island of Sumatra. It is certainly influenced by climate, weather, soil fertility and the coffee variety itself. If we talk about Sumatran coffee, then we need to know what regions and coffee varieties are cultivated […]

Coffee Story: The Forced Coffee Cultivation System in West Sumatra [Part 4]

Within a decade of reaching the pinnacle of the success of the coffee Cultivation System in West Sumatra. Coffee production dropped dramatically and the government was unable to stem the decline. It was also what made the colonial government revoke the Coffee Cultivation System in 1908. Kenneth R. Young describes several factors in the decline […]

Coffee Story: The Forced Coffee Cultivation System in West Sumatra [Part 3]

In 1845, the last Padri center village in Sungai Pagu was captured by the colonial government. With that, West Sumatra was completely conquered by the colonial government. Michiels’ proposal was accepted and implemented without significant resistance from the people, especially the clergy, so conditions were more stable and economic activity could run smoothly. On March […]

Coffee Story: The Forced Coffee Cultivation System in West Sumatra [Part 2]

Still about the story of forced planting and coffee in West Sumatra. Based on the last writing of the Governor of West Sumatra, Colonel A.V. Michiels made a proposal about the coffee system. Michiels’ proposal was ignored, because in late 1838 a government commissioner -P. Merkus, a member of the Raad van Indie – was […]

Innovations in Coffee Brewing Over Time

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. Many people devise new innovations or reapply old ways to brew and consume coffee from time to time. Innovations in coffee brewing over time There are a number of different ways to brew coffee without the use of machines or other electronic devices. […]

Indonesian Coffee Beans You Need to Try!

As Indonesians, we should be proud of the abundance of biological resources spread across the country. Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest exports of coffee beans in the world. Coffee beans in Indonesia are widely distributed across the country. You must know that Indonesia is blessed with some of the best coffee […]