Espresso or Expresso?

For coffee lovers, you must be familiar with Espresso. One of the bases of various popular coffee offerings in the country such as Cappuccino, Americano, and so on. Its bitter and distinctive taste makes many people make Espresso and its preparations a favorite. Interestingly, we often hear people refer to Espresso as Expresso. Even today […]

Single Origin Coffee for Espresso, Why Not?

For those of you who are fans of manually brewed coffee, you must be familiar with single origin coffee. Single origin coffee is coffee beans that come from a specific region. In addition, there is no mixture of seeds other than these seeds. If you enjoy single origin coffee, you will be able to experience […]

Dark Roast Coffee: Coffee with the Highest Degree of Maturity

Of the many processes that coffee must go through, one of the processes that greatly affects the flavor of coffee is the coffee roasting process. This process involves various aspects such as drying, developing the coffee beans, and characterizing the flavor and aroma of the coffee. Coffee roasting is generally divided into three roasting levels: […]