For those of you who are fans of manually brewed coffee, you must be familiar with single origin coffee. Single origin coffee is coffee beans that come from a specific region. In addition, there is no mixture of seeds other than these seeds. If you enjoy single origin coffee, you will be able to experience the specific aroma and flavor of the beans.

Coffee connoisseurs have several kinds of single origin coffee that they prefer. Usually, what they prefer is that each has a unique and distinct flavor and aroma. Single origin itself , apart from being brewed manually, can also be served for Espresso. As we know, Espresso is often produced from a mixture of beans from several regions called coffee blend.

“Doesn’t it feel weird?”

Espresso is known for its lively and balanced flavors. You can taste some prominent flavors from the Espresso you sip. Bitter, sour, sweet, and several flavors and aromas that can come out in the extraction of coffee beans into Espresso. The exuberant flavors are produced by the combination of various coffee beans made in predictable doses.

What if Espresso is made with single origin coffee? Let’s discuss together in this article and compare with Espresso using blended beans.

Espresso with single origin beans: Unique!

In manually brewed single origin coffee, the resulting flavor is specific to that bean. Likewise, Espresso is produced using single origin coffee. You will notice the specific aroma and flavor of the seeds. Perhaps, the flavor is more intense compared to manual brewed coffee.

Espresso with single origin does produce a more specific flavor compared to Espresso with coffee blend. This uniqueness may not be found in some other coffee shops. It is rare for coffee shops to use single origin as Espresso.

With Espresso single origin coffee, you can experience light, bright, and citrusy sensations. Unlike Espresso blends, this single origin flavor has its own characteristics that make this coffee very unique. When compared to blended coffee, it can be difficult to guess the aroma and flavor. With single origin espresso, the character of the beans can be highlighted.

If you’re a coffee shop owner, a single origin Espresso menu can sell and attract the attention of your loyal customers! Coffee menus that use single origin espresso have a high selling point, as they are unique and different from the others. New things always attract the attention of others, and the coffee menu uses Espresso single origin coffee.

Espresso single origin beans are unique, yet…

Everything in this world has a positive side, and also a negative side. Yup, no one is perfect, there will always be a bad side. Similarly, Espresso single origin coffee, in every coffee shop, Espresso always uses blend beans that are considered good enough to produce a balanced flavor and aroma of Espresso.

The difference between Espresso single origin coffee and Espresso using blended beans is the flavor created. Espresso single origin coffee does bring out a more specific flavor, but if there is an undesirable flavor from the beans, there is no other flavor that will cover the undesirable flavor.

Unlike Espresso blends, these coffee blends are blended with selected coffees that balance each other’s flavors. The flavors are more balanced, and there are always other flavors that will cover up the ones you don’t like. The “foreign”, sour taste and sharp aroma will be softened by beans that have a milder flavor, so that the taste is balanced.

In addition, Espresso single origin coffee has quite poor consistency. This is because if your beans are too old, or degassing, it will result in a poor Espresso flavor. Unlike Espresso produced with blends, if one of the beans from a batch is not good enough, the other beans will complement it.

The flavor of single origin espresso shots can also change over time.

This can happen when roasters receive batches of single origin beans that are inconsistent in flavor and quality. Ensuring the consistency of coffee yields every year is a challenge for farmers, and certainly a challenge for roasters and cafés that use single origin coffee as their flagship coffee.

Single origin espresso is also constrained by time, as each bean has a different harvest period. Therefore, single origin coffee espresso cannot be provided in the long term, depending on the supply of single origin coffee. This requires coffee shops to provide other beans for single origin espresso.

More or less, Espresso with blends will still produce a stable flavor when one of the coffee components used is not very good, because there is another coffee that will help balance. Single origin espresso, on the other hand, is a bit tricky because only one kind of beans are used, so you have to make sure to use good and stable beans.

While single origin espresso may satisfy your boredom, keep in mind that you may not find the same brew in every order. Make the choice that suits you!

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