Delicious Sidikalang Coffee: A Taste Heritage from the Land of Batak

kopi sidikalang

From the fertile hills of Tanah Batak, North Sumatra, flows the legendary delicacy of Sidikalang coffee. Processed with distinctive techniques and influenced by the hot climate of its native region, Sidikalang coffee captivates coffee connoisseurs around the world with its unique flavor. In this article, we will dive into the specialty of Sidikalang coffee, reviewing […]

Indonesia’s Coffee Production Increases from Year to Year

By 2022, Indonesia will rank among the top five coffee-producing countries in the world. In previous years, Indonesia consistently held this position, demonstrating the stability of its coffee production year after year. Factors such as soil and climate play significant roles in why coffee plants thrive in Indonesia. Additionally, the high demand for coffee drives […]

5 World Famous Coffee Chains

Nowadays, there are various coffee chains in the world. Coffee chains are coffee brands you may have heard of. They are popular destinations for coffee lovers seeking the best coffee experience. 5 World Famous Coffee Chains There are many coffee chains in the world that have left a lasting impression on people’s minds. This coffee […]

Rainforest Alliance Certification: Benefits, Process, Costs and Critiques

Rainforest Alliance certification is an international certification program that aims to improve environmental and community well-being through sustainable, eco-friendly agricultural practices. The program focuses on the agricultural sector such as coffee, tea, cocoa, bananas, and others. The program was established in 1997 by the Rainforest Alliance, a non-profit organization headquartered in the United States. The […]

Is it Okay to Drink Coffee at Night?

Is it okay to drink coffee at night? As you may know, coffee contains caffeine which makes it difficult to sleep. In the human body, there is a compound called adenosine that makes you sleepy. This is where caffeine’s function allows it to block adenosine. This is what causes a person not to feel sleepy […]

Coffee Supply Chain: Challenges and Opportunities in Coffee Farmer-Marketer Partnerships

Coffee is one of the most important plantation commodities for many countries in the world. Coffee has become a fast-growing industry. The coffee industry covers the entire supply chain, from coffee farmers, collectors, collectors, processing, to marketing and sales. Supply Chain itself is a series of business processes that connect several actors to increase the […]

Organic Coffee: Pro-Environment Cultivation, Is it Possible?

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks around the world. In addition to its delicious taste, coffee is also a favorite for people from various parts of the world. Hence, coffee has become the dominant cultivation commodity after food crops, and a raw material for the retail industry that is in demand in the […]

Nodes of Civilization: The Role of Coffee in Shaping Social Connections over Time

Coffee is one drink that has become part of many people’s daily lives. Coffee can be a friend when relaxing, having breakfast, or even when doing important work. But did you know that coffee has played an important role in shaping social connections over time? In this article, we’ll talk about the role of coffee […]

Coffeehouse Revival: How Millennials Fueled Coffee Culture

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. Almost everyone has tasted coffee. However, these days, it’s not just the taste and aroma of coffee that’s attractive. Coffee has also become a symbol of culture and lifestyle. In fact, coffee shops have become a popular place for millennials to relax, hang […]