[Press Release] Kopikita Roadshow: Coffee Business Opportunities from Retail to Coffee Export

Malang, November 9, 2022 We will all face three major challenges in the year ahead – the global crisis, post-pandemic business challenges and politics. These three variables have a major impact on various lines, including the coffee commodity. For example, the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war could hamper the supply-chain or distribution chain, causing prices to rise. […]

[Press Release] KopiKita Roadshow: Back to Farm – Fixing Coffee from Upstream

Bandar Lampung, September 23, 2022 “The fate of coffee farmers is not as bright as coffee shops.” Perhaps that expression can represent the current condition of coffee farmers in Indonesia. Coffee is Indonesia’s main export commodity. The country is the world’s top coffee producer with a wide variety of products and quality recognized in the […]