Malang, November 9, 2022

We will all face three major challenges in the year ahead – the global crisis, post-pandemic business challenges and politics. These three variables have a major impact on various lines, including the coffee commodity.

For example, the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war could hamper the supply-chain or distribution chain, causing prices to rise.

Moreover, the world is talking about a recession next year. Some predict an economic crisis that will have a greater impact than the pandemic. There is a concern that the recession will disrupt coffee business opportunities, coffee commodity prices, and the declining percentage of coffee consumption as well.

However, others, looking at the pattern of previous years, believe that the recession will not have a significant impact. Simply put, even if there is a recession, coffee consumption will not decline. Quite the opposite happened, coffee increased dramatically.

coffee business opportunities will decline, is it true?

Just look at 2008 when America was hit by the economic crisis, the data shows that consumption in the country did not decline, even when the crisis occurred in Europe in 2010 – 2012. Coffee consumption on the blue continent has remained relatively flat.

Crisis can also be an opportunity if we look at it from another perspective. Therefore, platform, a community-based coffee ecosystem, would like to invite coffee players to discuss about coffee business opportunities in the future. KopiKita took the initiative to organize a hybrid webinar with the theme, Coffee Business-Back to Basic: From Retail to World Wide Export” . This hybrid event will be held on Friday, November 11, 2022, at Institut ASIA (Theater Room) Malang, 09.00 – 11.00 WIB.

The discussion will feature two key speakers, namely Moelyono Soesilo, a Global Coffee Trader and Founder of KopiKita, an application that serves all community-based coffee-related needs. Another guest speaker was Tanadi Santoso, an Entrepreneur and Business Trainer.

JIf you are a coffee producer from various regions, do not hesitate to open a shop on the KopiKita platform, so that coffee lovers from all over Indonesia can taste your coffee production. Apply for a business to the KopiKita platformnow by filling out the following form .

Registration for the talkshow event can be accessed at the following link:

Kopikita Roadshow 2022;

Contact Person: 0856-0263-1153 (Adrian)