Coffee Mocktail and Some Recipes to Try

The proliferation of coffee shops in various cities in Indonesia shows the growing interest in coffee drinks. This certainly encourages the rise of coffee flavor and appearance innovations to attract the interest of coffee consumers. One of the coffee drink trends that has caught the attention of coffee lovers in recent years is coffee mocktails. […]

Types of Coffee Grinders and How to Use Them

The coffee grinding process is the stage where the coffee beans are processed by refining the size of the coffee beans into powder. This process is done before brewing the coffee and has the main purpose of bringing out the flavor of the coffee during the brewing process. In the process of grinding coffee, one […]

The Bitter Taste of Coffee: Causes and How to Reduce It

When drinking coffee, one of the common taste sensations is the bitter taste of coffee. For some coffee lovers, this flavor is one of the most sought-after parts of coffee. For some other coffee connoisseurs, the overpowering bitterness is a negative point. If so, is bitterness actually good or bad for coffee? To answer this […]

6 Examples of Secondary Defects in Coffee [Part 2]

If in the previous article we have discussed four examples of secondary defects, then in this article we will continue to discuss 6 other examples of secondary defects according to SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America). There are six secondary defects that we will discuss in this article. These defects are partial black, partial sour, […]

Learn the Coffee Cupping Testing Process for Specialty Coffee

In the coffee industry, especially specialty, coffee quality assessment is fundamental to measuring the value and quality of coffee. There are two main components of the assessment, namely the defect score assessment and the coffee cupping score assessment. One component of coffee quality assessment, the coffee cupping test, involves several important elements ranging from coffee […]

Dark Roast Coffee: Coffee with the Highest Degree of Maturity

Of the many processes that coffee must go through, one of the processes that greatly affects the flavor of coffee is the coffee roasting process. This process involves various aspects such as drying, developing the coffee beans, and characterizing the flavor and aroma of the coffee. Coffee roasting is generally divided into three roasting levels: […]

Types of Flavor Defects in Coffee Cupping Assessment

One of the important stages that Q graders usually perform to test the flavor of coffee, especially specialty coffee is the coffee cupping process. This process involves observing and assessing various aspects of coffee such as roast color, aroma, clean cup, balance, uniformity, body, sweetness, acidity, and coffee flavor. Especially for the flavor part, the […]