Besides dark roast coffee , the roasting process of coffee beans also recognizes light roast coffee as one of the coffee roasting levels. Light roast is characterized by its low level of maturity and short roasting time when compared to other roasting levels.

Light roast coffee beans are also known for their complexity of flavor. To know more about light roast, let’s see the full discussion below.

Level light roast coffee

One of the easiest ways to distinguish the roasting level of coffee beans is by looking at the color of the beans.

At the light roast level, the color of the coffee beans is light brown.

Light roast coffee is usually processed to a roasting temperature of around 205 degrees Celsius. This level of roasting will end when the beans have reached the first crack phase, which indicates that the beans have expanded and released water.

Coffee beans with a light roast level also have some other physical characteristics. For example, in terms of density, light roast coffee beans tend to be denser than dark roast coffee, this is because the roasting process is stopped before the coffee is fully expanded.. Light roast You can also tell by the physical appearance of the coffee beans, which are not oily or shiny on the surface.

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Flavor characteristics of this coffee

One interesting thing about light roast coffee is its complex and refreshing aroma. Light roast coffee can give various flavor sensations to coffee, such as sweetness(honey, sugarcane, vanilla), floral (chamomile, rose, jasmine), sourness, and also fruity (berry, citrus fruit, stone fruit).

This complex flavor is formed as a result of a combination of the processing of the coffee cherries, the level of roasting, and the brewing method used.

In natural processing, for example, the fruity flavor of coffee will appear when the fermentation process that converts themucilage layer into sugar components combines with the roasting process of coffee beans set at a light level.

This shows that to achieve the expected flavor, light roast is not only dependent on the roasting stage of the coffee beans. However, it is also influenced by other stages of coffee processing.

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Light roast brewing process

In addition to the roasting process of coffee beans, the brewing process also plays a big role in determining the flavor of light roast coffee. There are a few things to keep in mind when performing this process.

The first is from the brewing method. For light roast coffee, the most suitable method is manual brewing, especially with the pour-over technique. This method is suitable because light roast coffee beans are quite dense, so it takes longer to extract the coffee essence.

Brewing light roast should also pay attention to the grind size of the coffee. Typically, the grind size of a light roast is fine .

The water used when brewing light roast is also another important point that can affect the flavor of the coffee. In light roast coffee, the recommended water temperature for brewing is around 95 degrees Celsius. This is to speed up the process of extracting coffee essence.

The next brewing process also needs to pay attention to the ratio between water and coffee powder. In one cup of light roast, the right ratio is about 21 grams of coffee grounds and 320 grams of water.

Finally, the coffee brewing process also needs to pay attention to the cleanliness of the coffee grinder and coffee filter. This is because these tools may affect the quality of the flavor of light roast coffee.

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Benefits of drinking this type of coffee level

Drinking coffee with a light roast level can also bring benefits to the health of the drinker’s body. In some studies, it is stated that light roast coffee contains more antioxidants than dark roast coffee.

One study published by Food Science and Biotechnology also explains the effect of the roasting level of these coffee beans. In the study, it was explained that the antioxidant content of coffee will decrease as the first crack phase of the roasting process passes.

This fact regarding antioxidant content can be a consideration for coffee lovers. The antioxidant content in light roast coffee can actually help our bodies prevent various types of diseases. The types of diseases that can be prevented by these ingredients include type-2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

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Interested in trying light roast coffee?

After getting to know the characteristics and benefits of light roast, some of you may be more curious to try coffee with this level of roasting. Light roast coffee with its roasting and brewing process has the potential to provide a rich flavor sensation from coffee.

In addition to the roasting and brewing process, another thing that needs to be considered in light roast coffee is the selection of the coffee beans themselves.

There are some regions that are known for their production of coffee beans that are suitable for light roastlevels. These regions are Africa (Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia), Hawaii (Kona region), and also South America (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Columbia). Well, for those of you who want to feel the maximum results of light roast, don’t forget to pay attention to the quality of the coffee beans themselves.

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