The coffee grinding process is the stage where the coffee beans are processed by refining the size of the coffee beans into powder. This process is done before brewing the coffee and has the main purpose of bringing out the flavor of the coffee during the brewing process.

In the process of grinding coffee, one of the main tools used is the coffee grinder. This tool acts as a coffee bean grinder which will process coffee beans into small particles. To know more about the types of coffee grinders, let’s see the full review below.

Types of coffee grinders

Coffee grinders are divided into several types. First, in terms of the power used, coffee grinders can be divided into manual and electric or automatic.

Manual coffee grinder.

Manual coffee grinder is a coffee grinder that uses human power to move the grinder.

This type is widely chosen because it is cheaper and also easy to carry. This grinder also does not require electricity so it is certainly suitable for those who like to adventure into the wild.

The second is an electric or automatic coffee grinder

This coffee grinder uses an electric motor to turn the grinder. Generally, electric coffee grinders are chosen for their convenience and shorter grinding time.

Electric coffee grinder .

Furthermore, from the shape of the blade used, coffee grinders can also be divided into two types of grinders, namely blade grinders and burr grinders.

Blade grinder is a coffee grinder that has a sharp blade located in the center of the coffee grinder and resembles a propeller.

This type of coffee grinder is very practical and also cheap. You just need to press the button on the coffee grinder and then the grinder blade will start processing the coffee beans. The disadvantage of the blade grinder is the uneven consistency of the grind size.

kinds of coffee grinders
Coffee Grinder Blade.

Blade grinders can in some cases also cause changes in the flavor of the coffee. This is because during the grinding process, the temperature of the grinder blade will increase and affect the coffee beans.

To prevent possible inconsistencies in the size of ground coffee, blade grinder users are recommended to grind the coffee beans a little at a time. This method is considered quite effective for producing an even grind size from the grinder blade.

Next, another type of coffee grinder is the burr grinder

Burr grinder is a type of coffee grinder that has a serrated blade. This coffee grinder has two types of burrs, namely conical burr and flat burr .

kinds of coffee grinders
Coffee burr grinder.

Burr grinders are known for their even grinding results. This type of coffee grinder is equipped with a feature that regulates the grind, ranging from fine to coarse .

For those of you who expect an even grind, use a girnder with a burr grinder blade. Although the price is more expensive, the use of a burr grinder is very helpful for users in producing a consistent and expected coffee grind size.

How to use a coffee grinder

Before operating a coffee grinder, there are a few things you need to consider first. First, in terms of water content, make sure that the coffee beans to be ground are completely dry so that they do not affect the flavor of the coffee.

Also make sure the coffee to be used has passed the resting period. Resting is necessary so that the coffee has freed the trapped gas and the extraction can run optimally.

Also make sure that the coffee beans to be ground are free from mold and musty odor. This is to avoid possible changes in the flavor of the coffee.

Once all these aspects are met, then you can start the grinding process using a coffee grinder.

In this article, we will specifically discuss the use of manual and automatic types of coffee grinders. How is it used?

How to use a manual coffee grinder

Manual coffee grinders are popular for their portability. To use, you first need to put the roast beans into the top of the grinder.

After inserting the coffee beans, adjust the knob that regulates the fineness of the coffee mill. Knob settings should be made to the finest level first to estimate how many ‘clicks’ it takes to reach the appropriate grind fineness.

Once the knob is set, install the lever on the lid of the grinder. Turn the lever in the same direction until all the coffee beans are processed.

In the final stage, you can directly put the ground coffee powder into a container for further processing in the brewing stage.

How to use an automatic or electric coffee grinder

Compared to manual coffee grinders, using an electric or automatic type of coffee grinder is much easier and more compact. At the initial stage you simply put the coffee beans into the top container of the coffee grinder.

After that, you can immediately adjust the level of fineness of the coffee grind as desired. There are several levels of fineness of coffee powder, namely coarse , medium , and fine .

After setting the fineness level, turn on the power button to start the grinding process. Wait until the grinding process is complete, then take the grind that is in the bottom container of the coffee grinder.

How to maintain a coffee grinder

Apart from the types and ways of use, another thing you need to know about coffee grinders is how to maintain them.

In taking care of the coffee grinder, make sure that it is cleaned regularly after each use. Cleaning the coffee grounds on the grinder can be done using a brush. To do this, you first remove the parts of the coffee grinder such as the burrs, then clean the coffee grounds using a brush.

In addition to cleaning the coffee grinder, another thing that needs to be underlined is the use of the grinder tool in addition to its function. Make sure that the coffee grinder is only used for grinding coffee beans.

These two points are very important to ensure the quality of the coffee flavor, which can be affected by the grinding process. For those of you who have or are just interested in having a coffee grinder, hopefully this article can increase your knowledge about the types of coffee grinders.

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