Have you ever tried eating ice cream with coffee? Yes, the unique dish is known as Coffee Affogato or affogato al caffe.

Coffee Affogato is a coffee drink consisting of vanilla ice cream mixed with hot espresso. In Italian,“affogato” means “to sink”, which refers to the way it is served. The vanilla ice cream will “drown” in the hot espresso cup, creating a unique contrast between the strong coffee flavor and the sweetness of the ice cream.

Affogato was originally considered a dessert in Italy and was only available in fancy restaurants and cafes. However, its popularity grew rapidly and soon spread worldwide, becoming a favorite coffee drink that can be found in almost all restaurants and cafes.

Since its popularity, the Affogato drink has undergone many modifications to its flavor variations and topping ingredients, such as chocolate, honey, caramel, or fruit syrup. Hence, Affogato is an elegant and luxurious coffee drink.

Its unique flavor and presentation also make it a great drink to serve on special occasions or when you want to reward yourself. Therefore, it is no surprise that this drink attracts people all over the world.

From Italy to the world

Affogato coffee originated in the Piedmont region of Italy and has been popular since the 20th century. This drink was originally known as“Panna e Cafe” or “Ice Cream and Coffee”. However, at that time, espresso had not yet become popular, so the coffee used in this drink was the traditional Italian type of coffee, the percolator coffee.

Espresso became popular in Italy in the 1940s, and at the time, the drink was named“Affogato al Caffe Espresso“. Over time, this drink has grown in popularity around the world and the ingredients used to make it have become more varied.

How is Coffee Affogato made?

The technique of making Coffee Affogato is relatively simple. Ice cream or vanilla gelato is placed in a glass or cup, and then pour hot espresso over it. The hot espresso poured over the ice cream softens the ice cream and creates a unique blend of flavors and aromas.

If you want, you can try making your own at home with a presentation according to your own taste. You can buy gelato at ice cream parlors, and make your own espresso at home. Or if you don’t want to bother, you can simply order Coffee Affogato at cafes.

Scrumptious affogato

Enjoying a Coffee Affogato can be a fun experience, but there are a few things you need to know to maximize your Affogato experience.

First, the most suitable coffee for this dish is espresso. So make sure to choose a good quality espresso according to your preferences. If confused, ask the barista serving.

Secondly, vanilla ice cream or gelato is the standard choice for Coffee Affogato, but you can choose other variants that suit your individual taste. Always keep an eye out for allergies and other sensitive ingredients for your body.

Third, savor your Coffee Affogato slowly. The flavor combination of espresso and smooth ice cream can be mesmerizing, so savor each mouthful slowly to take in every flavor.

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