Coffee is a very popular and in-demand beverage around the world. However, sometimes we don’t have much time to enjoy traditionally processed coffee, such as grinding raw coffee beans and brewing them with hot water.

To answer our practical needs, the coffee industry developed two types of ready-to-brew coffee that are now both very popular, namely instant coffee and freeze dried coffee.

Instant coffee is coffee that has been processed and is ready to be brewed with hot water and does not leave grounds. This type of coffee is a popular choice for consumers who want to enjoy coffee in a short and convenient time. In addition, instant coffee is also sold in various flavors.

Meanwhile, freeze dried coffee is a type of instant coffee that is processed with modern and innovative technology to maintain the quality and freshness of the coffee. This freeze-drying process allows coffee to be preserved for a long time without losing the original flavor and aroma of the coffee beans. As a result, freeze dried coffee has a flavor and aroma that is closer to traditional coffee.

For that reason, in this article we will discuss more about the differences between instant coffee and freeze dried coffee, the process of making each type of coffee, taste and aroma, and price comparison.

By knowing the differences between each type of coffee, it is hoped that readers can choose the type of coffee that suits their personal needs and preferences.

How to make

Instant coffee is made by drying the extracted coffee solution. Generally, instant coffee is dried by spray drying which applies heat. While freeze-dried coffee is made by freezing the coffee extract so that it becomes ice crystals and then drying the water content of the crystals by a sublimation process. This process allows the coffee to be dried without the use of heat and preserves the flavor and aroma.

Taste and Aroma

Instant coffee usually has a weaker flavor and aroma than traditional coffee, as the drying process reduces the coffee content. However, some of the more expensive instant coffee brands have been upgraded to have better flavor and aroma.

On the other hand, freeze-dried coffee has a flavor and aroma that is closer to traditional coffee. Because the brewing process allows coffee to be dried without losing flavor and aroma.

Packaging and Storage

Instant coffee is usually packaged in small sachets or small cans/bottles, because it is practical to use and has a serving size.

While freeze-dried coffee is packed in vacuum packs or large cans/bottles. We can determine the amount ourselves according to our preferences in enjoying coffee.

Both types of coffee can be stored for a long time thanks to their low moisture content.


In general, instant coffee is cheaper than freeze-dried coffee. This is because the process of making instant coffee is simpler and the ingredients and technology used are cheaper. However, some premium brands of instant coffee can have higher prices than freeze-dried coffee.

On the other hand, freeze-dried coffee goes through a more complex and expensive freeze-drying process, which is why it is often more expensive than regular instant coffee.

In conclusion, instant coffee and freeze-dried coffee are two types of coffee that have differences in terms of how they are made, taste and aroma, and price comparison. Choose between instant coffee and freeze-dried coffee depending on personal preference and budget.

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