Hot brewed coffee is common, but have you ever heard of cold brewed coffee? Yes, this coffee is referred to as cold drip brewing technique. Results given between cold drip brewing techniques with hot brewed coffee is different. Want to know more about the cold drip brewing technique? Let’s take a look at the following explanation!

Origin of Cold Drip Brewing Technique

In fact, cold drip brewing is not a new technique as it has been invented since the 1600s. On a voyage to Kyoto-Japan, Dutch merchants drank coffee concentrate on board. The trick is to mix the coffee concentrate with hot water so that the coffee becomes hot. Then when they arrived in Kyoto they discovered a new technique.

In Kyoto, there is no cold brewing technique. Eventually, this cold brewing method was created and generally uses a tower to drip water onto the coffee grounds. The technique continued to evolve and had more and more innovations as far as America, France, Japan, Algeria, and Cuba. Until now, there are also several other methods such as cold brew.

Difference between Cold Drip and Cold Brew

Although both use plain water, cold drip and cold brew still have differences. As the name implies, cold drip is a method of brewing coffee by dripping. This method involves incubating water in at least two main tubes. One of the tubes is used for extracting the coffee and the one below is for brewing.

Generally, the cold drip brewing technique uses a coarse coffee grind level. Not only that, the length of the cold drip process cannot be set because it depends on the speed of the flowing coffee liquid droplets. In other words, the extraction will be completed when the coffee in the top tube runs out. Drips can also be set every three seconds, five seconds, and so on.

Unlike cold drip, cold brew is made by the soaking method for at least 8 hours for brewing. The water used is either room temperature water or cold water. Cold brew itself is never exposed to hot temperatures so that it can extract the acidity character of coffee and produce a fuller coffee flavor.

Another point of difference is the duration of time to extract the coffee. The grind level usually used is medium-to-coarse. The tools commonly used are the French Press or Eva Solo. The taste is lighter and produces a special flavor because there is no oxidation of the coffee due to the use of hot water.

Cold Drip Advantages

The cold drip brewing method itself has advantages in taste. This one method lasts for a long time until the acid content of the coffee decreases with the extraction process. Thus, cold drip has the advantage in terms of taste because it is very pure and has a much richer flavor than other coffee brewing methods.

This cold drip coffee is perfect for those who like intense coffee flavor, bold body, yet sweet and smooth. Cold drip can be the right choice for hard-core coffee lovers. This is because the cold drip method can reduce acidity by 70% and increase the sweetness of coffee.

However, it also takes a lot of time because the extraction ends when the coffee is dripping. It takes at least eight to twenty-four hours for the water to run out to extract one to two liters of coffee. This method is also very suitable for people with acid reflux due to its low acid content.

Cold drip coffee is also believed to be healthier than regular coffee. Cold drip coffee is also good to drink before exercise and can be consumed by those who are on a diet because it is low in calories but has antioxidants that are good for health.

Apparently cold drip has many advantages and has been around for a long time. As time goes by, many coffeshops also provide drinks from this cold drip method. Although it takes a long time, the cold drip method still has its own fans because of the unique taste it produces. Are you one of the cold drip lovers?

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