As time goes by, technological advancements in the coffee industry continue to increase rapidly, leading to innovations such as Flash Freeze Coffee.

This innovation spoils coffee lovers to make coffee faster and easier. Flash freeze coffee can be made without a machine. However, unlike most instant coffee, flash freeze coffee produces a brew that is as pure as home-brewed coffee. The flavor and benefits of coffee are not lost in the process.

What is Flash Freeze Coffee?

Flash Freeze Coffee is coffee that has been frozen. It resembles a compact ice block when placed in a small cup. The chunks can simply be put into a glass and poured with hot water. The frozen coffee will slowly thaw and blend with the hot water.

To serve iced coffee, you can first melt the frozen coffee. After that, the liquefied coffee can be put into a glass containing ice cubes, water, and milk.

Flash Freeze Coffee is an innovation from an American startup. They strive to make coffee as pure as possible by working with the best coffee roasters.

They even pay attention to roast levels, such as mixed, dark, medium-dark, medium, light, to decaf and half-caff.

As a result, the flavors produced by Flash Freeze Coffee closely resemble those commonly found in cafes. It’s as if coffee connoisseurs are being offered coffee that is usually brewed by baristas.

So, frozen coffee is beneficial for consumers who enjoy drinking cafe-style coffee but don’t have a lot of time.

Get to know the Technology in Flash Freeze Coffee

The making of Flash Freeze Coffee is inseparable from the manufacturing process using advanced technology. This coffee is made by utilizing science.

By utilizing chemical principles, coffee is brewed using technology that can extract the exact flavor and aroma of coffee.

Then, the coffee is frozen by relying on liquid nitrogen which has a temperature of -199.4℃ or -327 degrees Fahrenheit. The nitrogen keeps the flavor and aroma of the coffee good.

This is the reason why the flavor of coffee stays fresh even when stored in the freezer. Coffee can be made as easily as tea. Coffee lovers don’t need to use a machine or queue for a long time to enjoy a cup of coffee with original flavor.

Potential Development of Flash Freeze Coffee in Indonesia

Flash Freeze Coffee has good development potential in Indonesia. Currently, many students or academics are trying to introduce coffee processing technology to the public.

These preparations were made to help villagers make coffee a specialty souvenir of their region. This shows the great potential of coffee plants in Indonesia that can be processed into various kinds of coffee.

From here, the utilization of technology also led to the creation of processed coffee, such as spice dipped coffee. In addition to the introduction of technology. An important factor or key ingredient in coffee freezing has also been frequently used.

The material is liquid nitrogen. As is known, liquid nitrogen is commonly used by the food industry that produces frozen foods, such as ice cream.

Then, in schools too, especially at the junior and senior high school levels, the principle of nitrogen freezing has been introduced.

Currently, in Indonesia, there are already several majors related to coffee development, such as food technology, agricultural product technology, and so on.

These graduates can produce academics who are able to contribute to the development of coffee technology. The current Flash Freeze Coffee was made possible by a collaboration between scientists, engineers and coffee experts.

Therefore, there is a great need for graduates from related majors to conduct research or experiments on coffee freezing.


Flash Freeze Coffee is an innovation in the form of frozen coffee. This coffee is created by utilizing liquid nitrogen at -199.4℃ or -327 degrees Fahrenheit. To maintain the pure taste of coffee, we carefully select the best coffee roasters to provide high-quality coffee.

To dissolve the frozen coffee, simply add 177 – 236 ml (6-8 oz) of hot water. This frozen coffee offers a solution for consumers who want to enjoy cafe-style coffee without the long wait. With Flash Freeze Coffee, consumers can experience the pure taste of coffee in no time.

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