Maybe some people who have been in the coffee industry already know this barista competition. However, there are also those who do not understand the meaning and rules of the 2023 barista competition.

To understand more, this article will discuss the World Barista Championship and the rules of the 2023 barista competition.

What is WBC?

The World Barista Championship or WBC for short is a program of World Coffee Events, LTD (WCE). Meanwhile, WCE itself belongs to the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA).

Anyone can enter this barista competition. As long as you can meet the requirements set by the organizer.

This flagship international coffee competition is held annually. At least more than 50 warriors fought in this one show.

They had to prepare 4 espressos, 4 milk drinks, as well as 4 original specialty drinks. Not only that, they have to follow exacting standards, in just 15 minutes and with musical accompaniment.

The focus of the championship program is diverse, including:

  • Introducing the advantages of coffee
  • Advancing the barista profession
  • Engaging a worldwide audience as the program culminates local and regional championships around the world.

Winners will be judged by WCE-certified judges from around the world. Some of the main assessments are:

  • Successful beverage flavors served
  • Processing cleanliness
  • Barista creativity
  • Technical skills
  • Overall presentation

For the signature beverage category, baristas are given the freedom to develop their own imagination. They can combine a wealth of coffee knowledge based on their own tastes and experiences.

In the first round, the 15 fighters with the highest scores will be selected. Also, one wild card winner from the Team competition will advance to the semifinals.

After that, in the semi-final round, the 6 competitors with the highest scores will be picked to move on to the final round.

Then, in the final round, a winner will be chosen who is the World Barista Champion.

World Barista Championship 2023 Rules

Every year, the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) will release the rules for this annual competition.

There are at least 17 major points regulated, which are then broken down into smaller detailed points.

Conditions of Participation

Sets out the specific requirements that must be met by applicants for this competition. Those who hold the Competition Body Champion title can apply for WBC competitions.

This point contains more about the participant’s personal data that must be completed. Participants are also required to upload their registration data online.

The Competition

Discussed the scoring rules and other rules during the barista competition.

Beverage Definitions

Contains the rules of the 2023 barista competition that details the drinks. The aim is to equalize the meaning of the drinks made by the baristas.

The barista has to make 3 types with 4 pieces each, with a time limit of 15 minutes. This time excludes table preparation (7 minutes) and pre-beverage preparation (15 minutes). These are espresso, milk-based drinks, and signature beverages.

Competition Procedure

Explained the rules of the competition starting from the division of time, game rounds and table placement according to the provisions.

Machinery, Accessories, and Raw Materials

The regulations regarding the use of espresso machines and accessories are also not arbitrary. Participants must follow the conditions made by the organizer.

In addition, the barista must prepare/carry several tools that have been included in the list.

Competitor Instructions Prior to Preparation Time

It organizes the instructions that must be understood before the activity takes place.

Preparation Time

Organize what to do in the preparation period. Participants are only given 15 minutes to organize all the competition needs.

Competition Time

Discussed the rules during the competition, some of the steps that a barista must do and so on.

Technical Issues

If there are certain technical errors, participants may ask the judges for a time-out. However, there are special conditions for obtaining this break, all of which are set out in this point.

Clean-up Time

If the station clearing time starts, participants should start clearing their desks. Detailed provisions are set out in this point.

Team Bar

To earn a Wildcard a participant must be the best contributor in the Team Bar competition. All conditions are contained in this point.

Post Competition

Governs the number of participants’ scores in the overall competition.

Evaluation Criteria

At this point, the judges are looking for the winner of the competition. The assessment and criteria are listed in the details of this point.

Technical Evaluation Procedure

If, the previous evaluation was based on the skills of a barista. This evaluation focuses on the barista’s technical skills. The detailed regulations are all discussed in this 14th point.

Sensory Evaluation Procedure

Each competitor will be evaluated by 4 sensory judges. Some of the points of assessment are explained in this point.

Appeals at the World Barista Championship

Contains details about the judges and the steps a judge must take when judging a barista.

Competition Body Event

This point highlights some of the rule variations for Competition body Events that distinguish them from world competition.

The full 2023 barista competition rules can be found here.

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