Piccolo Latte, a drink that is always listed on coffee shop menus , and There may be some people who don’t recognize this menu. People’s choices are not far from Cappuccino, Latte, and Iced milk coffee. Maybe after reading this article, we’re sure you’ll be interested in trying this drink. Let’s talk about the “little” Piccolo latte!

The name Piccolo comes from the Italian word for “small” or “tiny”, but despite its small size, don’t underestimate the contents! This latte is made with one shot of ristretto and topped with 80-90 milliliters ofsteamed milk, served in a small glass.

Of course, if we compare it with Cappuccino or Latte, Piccolo has a stronger flavor, because it uses less milk, unlike Cappuccino or Latte, which contain approximately 120 – 150 milliliters of milk.

History of Piccolo Latte

The birthplace of this drink is known to be in Sydney, Australia. The Piccolo Latte was invented when baristas were experimenting to test the results of their brewed coffee with milk. They feel that they have consumed too much milk, causing their stomach to bloat.

To avoid such concerns, they decided to use a small amount of milk in each experiment. This helps them to try different flavors, without having to experience the “bloating” that comes with consuming too much milk.

Well, that’s when the Piccolo Latte, the coffee drink you’re reading about right now, was created.

Cortado, the “twin” of Piccolo Latte

Many people confuse Piccolo Latte and Cortado.

piccolo latte
A cortado is served in a 4.5 fl. oz. (133 ml) glass that’s also known as Gibraltar glass. It is often topped off with latte art and has a very thin microfoam layer.

Chances are if you order a Piccolo Latte at some coffee shops, it’s not uncommon for the barista to give you a Cortado. Cortado is a warm coffee drink with heated milk, served in a small glass, just like Piccolo Latte.

Although physically almost the same, Piccolo Latte and Cortado are different drinks. This is due to the amount of coffee used, Piccolo contains one shot of ristretto and steamed milk, while Cortado has one shot of espresso and steamed milk. What is the difference between Ristretto and Espresso?

What is the difference between Espresso and Ristretto?

The difference between Epresso and Ristretto is due to the length of time used in extracting the coffee. Ristretto is extracted for approximately 15 seconds, while Espresso is extracted for 30 seconds. It is this difference that causes the amount produced in Espresso extraction to be more than that of Ristretto extraction.

Ristretto is considered to have a smoother, smoother, and sweeter flavor, compared to Espresso. This is because the short time used makes Ristretto extract less acidity from the coffee beans. Espresso itself produces a more sour and bitter taste, due to the long extraction time being able to extract more acidity from the coffee beans.

Therefore, the flavor of Cortado tends to be more bitter than Piccolo Latte, because it uses Espresso, which has more coffee, and uses less milk compared to Piccolo latte. Cortado was invented in Spain, the wordCortadoitself is an absorption of the word “Cortar” which means “to cut”, the milk used “cuts the coffee contained in the Cortado.

Can you make Piccolo at home?

For those of you who are curious about how Piccolo Latte tastes after reading this article, you can make itat home! If you have an Espresso machine at home, this makes it even easier for you to make it. If not, just order a Piccolo Latte at your favorite coffee shop. Okay, here is how to make Piccolo at home!

Ristretto extraction using an Espresso machine, taking approximately 18 – 22 seconds. Use a little water to get a thicker concentration, then steam the milk using a milk frother, until the foam is not too thick. Next, pour the resulting coffee into a small glass, then slowly pour the steamed milk.

Maybe while pouring, you can learn to make latte art! Apart from making and enjoying coffee, you can also practice drawing using the steamed milk in your coffee cup, isn’t it interesting?

Calories contained in this type of coffee drink

A lot of people are in the process of losing weight these days, and the thing that they are concerned about is the calories of the food and drinks that they will consume. This is necessary to help them in reducing the calories that will enter the body, in order to reduce weight.

Piccolo Latte contains approximately 45 calories. When compared to Cappuccino, Latte, and other drinks, Piccolo Latte has fewer calories. This is beneficial for those of you who are trying to lose weight.

Piccolo Latte, the right choice

So, what makes you hesitate to order and make this drink your daily caffeine fix? It’s just a small glass but you can taste the delicious flavor of Ristretto Shot and steam milk without causing excessive satiety and bloating, which is ideal for those who consume more than one coffee per day.

It’s perfect for those of you looking for a coffee to accompany your breakfast, and for those of you who need a coffee that doesn’t make you feel full all the time. The problem is not with the drink itself; it’s with the fact that few people understand what it is and how to prepare it.

The more people try this type of coffee drink, the more popular it becomes in coffee shops and restaurants. Why not consider serving it as an after-dinner drink at your next get-together with family and friends?

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