The aeropress brewing method may still be less popular than other coffee brewing methods. This method is fairly new and was invented by an entrepreneur named Alan Adler. Uniquely, Alan is not a barista and his company specializes in sports.

Alan’s love for coffee led him to create a new breakthrough, the aeropress. Alan didn’t like the bitterness in his coffee at first. This was the beginning of making aeropress. After consulting with many baristas, it was concluded that reducing brewing time can reduce the bitterness of coffee.

Alan utilized pressure to shorten the brewing time. From here, Alan created the aeropress brewing method with a tube-shaped device equipped with a plunger cap and top caps as a filter holder.

This allows the water to flow faster through the coffee grounds. Although he was underestimated, Alan continued to promote this brewing tool until it was widely recognized by coffee lovers.

Aeropress Innovation from Year to Year

Before it was finally introduced to the public in 2005, the aeropress brewing method had gone through various tests. However, the journey of developing this brewing device did not stop there.

From its launch in 2005 to 2009, aeropress was developed primarily for material safety until it was proven safe from BPA compounds. After material development, for one year from 2009 to 2010, the 3rd version of the aeropress was developed.

The focus of this development is user health by ensuring that there are no chemical compounds in the aeropress brew. The material used is BPA-free Copolysester so it is safer and BPA-free.

The 4th version of aeropress was developed for 3 years from September 2010 to December 2013. In this version, the aeropress has a smokey gray color that produces an aesthetic and elegant impression with a classic design.

In January 2014 and five months later, the 5th version of aeropress was presented. This version presents a change in the color of the numbers from blue to gold with the AeroPress inscription so that it can be distinguished between fake and original aeropresses on the market.

These design adjustments continued in the 6th and 7th versions developed in July 2014 – October 2019. In this version, the AeroPress branding is adjusted in size. Finally, in Novermber 2019 until now, AeroPress already has the 9th version with a red writing color on the body design of this brewing tool.

Even since 2008, a World Aeropress Championship event has been held which is attended by participants from various countries. This competition aims to find the most appropriate combination using aeropress, especially considering that aeropress has no standardized brewing guidelines.

Pros of Aeropress Brewing Method

One of the advantages of aeropress brewing equipment is that, it is practical and easy to carry anywhere. Its simple design with the main material of lightweight plastic makes it easy for you to carry aeropress when traveling.

Speaking of aeropress design, with a modern and resilient appearance, you don’t need to worry. The aeropress material made of plastic makes this brewing tool not easily damaged when dropped. Very safe, right?

The aeropress brewing method is also fairly easy because you only need to provide an aeropress, filter, and mix. You can still enjoy aeropress brewed coffee easily anywhere. Plus you can experiment with water temperature and the length of pressure on the aeropress plunger.

Another advantage of aeropress is that it is easy to clean. Simply open the lid on the bottom of the aeropress then point it at the trash can and press the plunger. Thus the remaining coffee will come out and immediately wasted, then clean the aeropress tool with water.

Disadvantages of Aeropress Brewing Method

Although aeropress has various advantages because it is easy to use and the tool is not easily damaged, there are still disadvantages to this tool. For those of you who value practicality, the aeropress brewing method is not the right choice. Especially if you change your coffee often because you need to rework the recipe to get the right result.

Not only that, the aeropress tool consists of three parts, namely the tube, lid, and plunger. If you’re missing even one part, then you won’t be able to brew coffee with an aeropress. So if you decide to buy an aeropress, you must not be negligent so that there are no missing parts!

The last drawback is pressing the aeropress plunger. Yes, although it is fairly easy, pressing the aeropress plunger apparently requires more energy! Moreover, the aeropress brewing method produces brewed coffee with pressure. So this tool is not suitable for lazy people, but it is perfect for those of you who like to experiment with coffee.


Although easy to use, the Aeropress brewing method apparently requires more energy and effort compared to other brewing methods. This is because the Aeropress utilizes pressure in the brewing process. The Aeropress also consists of three complementary parts that must be properly maintained and cleaned.

For those of you who like to experiment and explore various coffee recipes, aeropress can be a fun tool. You can even experiment with temperature and brewing methods with this tool. So the coffee brew you produce is also more varied because it undergoes various experiments to get the right recipe. Isn’t it fun?

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