Nowadays, there are various coffee chains in the world. Coffee chains are coffee brands you may have heard of. They are popular destinations for coffee lovers seeking the best coffee experience.

5 World Famous Coffee Chains

There are many coffee chains in the world that have left a lasting impression on people’s minds. This coffee place has even become a favorite choice for those looking to enjoy a cup of coffee.


This green-logoed coffee shop has become a favorite meeting and gathering spot for all. From college students, office people, to young people, they make Starbucks their choice to strengthen their social relationships.

The Starbucks brand became iconic in the second wave of coffee in the 1980s. Back then, Starbucks offered the ultimate coffee experience. They don’t just serve coffee, but demonstrate social values that are important to community life.

The popularity of Starbucks as a major coffee chain is evidenced by the increase in profits that occurred in 2022. Reporting from, Starbucks experienced an increase in gross profit with a value of US$ 21.933 billion in 2022.

Meanwhile, in 2021, the gross profit earned was US$ 20.322 billion.

Dunkin Donuts

In 2020, the brand generated up to US$1.37 billion. Today, Dunkin Donuts is spread across 40 different countries with more than 12,000 locations worldwide.

As the name implies, this brand excels in its donut snacks. However, iced coffee is also a favorite among the public because it goes well with sweet donuts.


McCafe is part of McDonald’s. The brand is well known for its fried chicken. However, not to be outdone by the main menu, McCafe, which serves coffee, is also popular with many people. For McDonald’s alone, in 2022 it earned a net profit of US$6.177 billion. This revenue decreased from 2021, which reached US$ 7.545 billion.

As for McCafe, its annual gross sales could reach US$2.42 billion. Currently, there are 1,300 Mccafe’s around the world. In Indonesia, McCafe first opened at McDonald’s Kemang in May 2007.


Lavazza is an Italian coffee brand. What’s unique about this coffee chain is the luxurious image they project. Lavazza tries to give a luxurious impression to people who want a cup of expensive coffee.

Even so, they can still earn income in 2021 of US$ 2.31 billion. However, Lavazza revealed that 2022 is a challenging year for them.

This is inseparable from the increase in raw material prices. In addition, it is a result of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine as they have stopped doing business in Russia.

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) brand from Canada. The flagship menu of the brand is coffee and donuts. Currently, there are as many as 5,000 stores spread across various regions, such as the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and China.

Based on data from Statista, in 2022, Tim Hortons managed to generate US$2.63 billion in revenue. Meanwhile, in 2021, Tim Hortons generated US$1.69 billion.

World Coffee Chain Optimism in 2023

Apart from the five coffee chain names mentioned above, there are many more coffee chains around the world. Examples include Costa Coffee, Peet’s Coffee, Blue Bottle, and Gloria Jean’s, among others.

According to a report from the World Coffee Portal, the industry is optimistic about 2023. This sentiment was deduced from a survey they conducted.

However, the looming shadows of inflation and economic crises remain challenges to monitor closely. The world’s coffee chains harbor this optimism for 2023 largely because they anticipate a rise in revenue.

A case in point is the major coffee chain, Starbucks. Their optimism isn’t solely based on projected revenues. Over the past 18 months, there has been significant investment activity in the Middle East, which many see as a positive economic indicator. Furthermore, in the UK, 84% of coffee consumers indicated their support for local hospitality businesses during the pandemic.

In the US, even though the market for coffee chains is saturated and highly competitive, the potential for growth of branded coffee chains remains high at 68%. Similarly, in Europe, survey data suggests there’s still room to open more coffee shops, with an estimated 80% growth potential.

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