Unique Secrets of Luwak Coffee in Indonesia You Should Know

rahasia kopi luwak

This is the secret story of kopi luwak, a rare breed of coffee that is full of mystery and irreplaceable pleasure. In this article, we take you on a memorable adventure through the amazing journey of kopi luwak. So, let’s start exploring all the secrets about this fascinating ‘kopi luwak’! What is Kopi Luwak? Kopi […]

Indonesia’s Coffee Production Increases from Year to Year

By 2022, Indonesia will rank among the top five coffee-producing countries in the world. In previous years, Indonesia consistently held this position, demonstrating the stability of its coffee production year after year. Factors such as soil and climate play significant roles in why coffee plants thrive in Indonesia. Additionally, the high demand for coffee drives […]

5 World Famous Coffee Chains

Nowadays, there are various coffee chains in the world. Coffee chains are coffee brands you may have heard of. They are popular destinations for coffee lovers seeking the best coffee experience. 5 World Famous Coffee Chains There are many coffee chains in the world that have left a lasting impression on people’s minds. This coffee […]

Turkish Coffee Ibrik: Getting to Know Turkey’s Oldest Coffee Serving Method

Many regions around the world have their unique coffee traditions, and Turkey is no exception. Situated at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, Turkey, once the center of the Ottoman Empire, held a vast territory that spanned from northern Africa to eastern Europe. During the era of Sulaiman the Magnificent (1520 – 1566), coffee was […]

Coffee Trail: Cultural Heritage in Various Countries

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. Apart from being a delicious beverage, coffee also has an important cultural value in various countries. Each country has its own unique way of preparing coffee and serving it. This includes representing the traditions and daily habits of the people in the culture […]

The History of Kopi Luwak: From Legend in Java to World Phenomenon

Kopi Luwak is a type of coffee produced from coffee beans processed by Luwak or Civet animals. The process of making this coffee begins with Luwak swallowing raw coffee grains, then the grains come back out in the form of feces or feces which are then cleaned and processed into coffee grains that are ready […]

The Most Popular Sumatran Coffee in Indonesian Cafes

In general, coffee beans have a distinctive character, shape, texture and flavor. The same applies to coffee beans from the island of Sumatra. It is certainly influenced by climate, weather, soil fertility and the coffee variety itself. If we talk about Sumatran coffee, then we need to know what regions and coffee varieties are cultivated […]

Coffee Story: The Forced Coffee Cultivation System in West Sumatra [Part 2]

Still about the story of forced planting and coffee in West Sumatra. Based on the last writing of the Governor of West Sumatra, Colonel A.V. Michiels made a proposal about the coffee system. Michiels’ proposal was ignored, because in late 1838 a government commissioner -P. Merkus, a member of the Raad van Indie – was […]

What is Latte Art? Painting on Coffee Cups?

What is Latte art? As a popular coffee decoration that many coffee lovers are interested in with a white image design on coffee drinks, it is not uncommon to witness the action of baristas making Latte art which at first glance looks easy even though it requires a lot of techniques. In the previous article, […]

6 Best Quality Coffee Producing Areas in West Java

West Java Province is one of the provinces known for producing the best quality coffee in Indonesia. There are many types of coffee from Pasundan Earth that are enjoyed not only by local connoisseurs, but also abroad. The high quality of coffee and the number of exports to the international market are supported by the […]