Did you know that there are coffee-like drinks for kids? It’s called babyccino. As a parent, knowing babyccino is certainly beneficial so that you can enjoy your coffee without being disturbed by children.

So far, coffee is a drink that is identically consumed by adults. The caffeine content can help reduce stress in the midst of daily activities.

However, parents sometimes find it difficult to enjoy coffee because of their children. Innocently, children can become so curious that they want to taste what their parents are drinking.

Therefore, the existence of this coffee is a breath of fresh air for parents who want to enjoy coffee in peace. Parents don’t have to worry anymore about their kids not having a choice of menu when visiting a coffee shop.

In 2012, coffee for children even became a trend in Brooklyn, New York City. Many coffee shops have incorporated babyccino into their menu.

Incredibly, the menu is even much more in demand than the original type of coffee in general. A coffee shop called The Root Hill in Gowanus, New York City even plays the movie “Shrek” to entertain customers who are mostly children.

What is Babyccino?

What exactly is a babyccino? Babyccino is a very simple drink as it only contains frothy milk foam. To add sweetness and a cappuccino-like brown color, babyccino is usually sprinkled with cocoa powder or cinnamon.

That’s why this babyccino is caffeine-free because it doesn’t contain any coffee. However, babyccino still contains sugar, which children should be aware of.

This drink can be considered safe because it is only made from warm milk which can be easily accepted by children’s digestion. In addition, milk also has many properties, such as protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, and so on. However, children with lactose intolerance should not drink this drink.

Although this menu is rarely seen in coffee shops, as reported by Perfect Daily Grind, it turns out that several well-known coffee chain brands have this menu.

For example, Starbucks, Costa Coffee, and McCafe offer babyccino. However, most of them are not officially listed or even available only in certain regions.

How did babyccino’s history become as widespread as it is today? The term babyccino was first coined in Australia in the 90s by a barista from a fancy coffee shop there.

Babyccino was created because they saw that children didn’t have a choice of drinks when they were at coffee shops. Finally, a special coffee for children was made. Today, babyccino menus can easily be found in coffee shops in Australia.

However, it might be hard to find this babyccino around your neighborhood. Therefore, you can try making your own babyccino.

Making babyccino is quite simple, you have to prepare all the ingredients first. Prepare 60 ml Milk foam, a sprinkle of cocoa powder or cinnamon. You can also add other ingredients as toppings, such as marshmellows or small chocolate pieces.

For the milk foam, you need to make sure that the texture is very fine. When the ingredients are ready, pour the Milk foam into an espresso cup-sized glass. After that, sprinkle chocolate powder and toppings you like.

Can Kids Drink Coffee?

The existence of this coffee alternative for children raises a question. Actually, can children drink coffee? In terms of content, this coffee does not contain caffeine at all.

However, can children actually drink coffee that contains caffeine? According to the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, the average pediatrician does not advise children under the age of 12 to consume coffee.

So, parents who have children in this age range are advised not to give coffee to their children. This is because instead of being beneficial for children, caffeine in excess of the safe dose can cause health problems.

Children will experience insomnia, risk of dehydration, digestive problems, dependence, and even anxiety and stress. Therefore, babyccino can be a safe choice when introducing children to coffee.

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