Nowadays, coffee shops are arguably one of the number one agents of coffee promotion. The rapid growth of coffee shops, both in terms of quantity and quality, has made them an emerging business that appears like mushrooms in the rainy season.

In the corners of cities, especially big cities, we can easily find coffee shops. The prolific growth of coffee shops is due to the increase in coffee consumption

As the number one agent of coffee promotion, coffee shops bring new knowledge about coffee to the tables of coffee connoisseurs. If previously coffee lovers, who were accustomed to packaged coffee, only knew coffee in powder form, now they can see coffee beans on display in coffee shops.

Some coffee shop visitors may even be interested in finding out more information about the intricacies of coffee processing. However, many don’t know much about coffee and its many wonders.

Did you know that the coffee you drink comes from coffee berries?

Yes. If you have the opportunity to see the coffee trees directly, you will see a string of coffee cherries. These coffee fruits, commonly referred to as coffee cherries, will later be processed into coffee.

The coffee fruit is small and has pulp. The fruit has various colors based on the degree of ripeness. while the immature coffee fruit is green in color. Those that are slightly ripe are yellow in color. The coffee fruit that is fully ripe and worth picking is red in color. Although the coffee beans are originally yellow or red, after processing, the original color will change, depending on the processing method used.

In picking or harvesting coffee fruits, farmers usually choose between two types of processes, namely: first, peel-peel. This is done by peeling all the cherries from their branches at once, either by machine or by hand. The second is selective picking, also known as red picking. This process is done manually by picking cherries one by one, and only ripe cherries are allowed to be harvested.

After the cherries are collected, the next step is the processing of the coffee beans. The processing of coffee beans is divided into two, namely dry process and wet process. Each process has a different peeling machine. In the wet process, after picking, the coffee cherries are peeled by

Pulper machine to obtain coffee withparchment skin. While in the dry process, after picking, the cherries are dried under the sun until dry, then peeled with a huller machine.

The difference in the way these coffee beans are processed will result in differences in the flavor of the coffee. This is one of the wonders of coffee. The taste of coffee will have a variety of different flavors, depending on the picking of the fruit and the processing process.

This explains why your favorite coffee sometimes changes in taste

Yes, probably because the processing is different.

Apart from being influenced by the processing of coffee beans, the difference in coffee flavor is also influenced by theroasting process, which is the stage of frying coffee beans in three colors:light,medium, anddark. Roasting coffee changes the physical and chemical composition of the beans, which can change the flavor of the coffee.

Different roast colors will also produce different characteristics and flavors. For example, light-colored beans will contain higher levels of caffeine than dark-colored beans. “Dark roast coffee contains less caffeine.” Cause, caffeine level in coffee beans will shrink due to burning during roasting. Therefore, the longer the coffee is roasted, the color of the coffee will be more intense. the darker it is and the less caffeine it contains.

That’s coffee and its many wonders. Good, high-quality coffee has a balanced flavor. One of the signs is that it has sour, sweet, and bitter flavors that we can taste in just one sip. In order to produce quality coffee, the above processes need to be observed with appropriate care.

So, what kind of coffee do you prefer?

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