When sitting in a cafe, we often come across unique and unfamiliar names for coffee drinks. There are many technical words and terms that make us wonder, “what is this?”

You don’t need to worry, feeling confused is natural and normal. This is very common and there is nothing wrong with it. Because these terms do not come from our everyday language. So, don’t feel shy or hesitant if you have to order coffee at a cafe.

Coffee menus use foreign terms because coffee is a product that comes from various countries and has many variants. Foreign terms are used to denote different types of coffee beans, brewing methods, and flavors. In addition, foreign terms can also indicate the uniqueness and exoticness of the coffee, making the coffee experience more interesting and satisfying.

Usually, people order black coffee or lattes if they are at a loss of what to order. Black coffee is the most basic and most common coffee drink, a brewed coffee with nothing added. While a latte is coffee that is given a little milk to make it taste softer. You can also try other variants such as mocha or cappuccino if you like a stronger or sweeter flavor.

There are some coffee ordering tips that can help you

The first coffee ordering tip is to ask the barista or waiter at the coffee shop for their recommendation. They can often give you the right advice to suit your tastes. You can also ask your friends about their recommendations.

Second, try telling the barista or waiter what flavor of coffee you prefer. If you like stronger or lighter flavors, the barista can recommend menus that suit your preferences.

Third, read the description of the menu. Many cafes provide information about the ingredients they use in each menu item. So you can find out what ingredients are contained in the dish.

Fourth, don’t hesitate to try something new. This is a great opportunity to try out new menus, and maybe you’ll find a coffee drink that you like. It’s also good to experience new things by trying different flavors of coffee blends, and beans from different varieties.

Furthermore, every menu you order, adjust it to the budget you have. You may ask for the price if it is not listed on the menu. Sometimes, there are coffee drinks that use exclusive ingredients and are imported from overseas.

Remember, names and terms for coffee drinks can also vary from place to place. Like black coffee, it has several different names-americano, long black, kopi O, and tubruk-only the way it is served differs.

Finally, if you have a history of illness, you should have consulted a doctor or expert. So, you can tell the barista that there are ingredients that you can’t consume.

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