For those of you who enjoy learning about history, coffee has been a favorite in every era. Coffee has accompanied human civilization for thousands of years. Time and time again, coffee is known as a solace for those who enjoy it.

The world’s great figures also pay more attention to this one drink. Coffee is believed to be the biggest contributor to humanity’s brilliant ideas.

Therefore, coffee culture among scholars is an inseparable habit. Hence, many philosophers and academics have often chatted in coffee shops since ancient times. They will share their ideas and knowledge.

For those of you who want to know who are the world philosophers who love coffee, here we summarize the names of philosophers who love coffee and the reasons why they love coffee.

Ludwig Van Beethoven

The music composer, known for his bad temper, consumes 60 coffee beans per day. No less, no more. Beethoven had his own reasons for the number ’60’, and no one knows why until now.

According to his biographer-Anton Schindler, Beethoven deliberately counted his coffee beans carefully. He would make sure the number of coffee beans he would drink totaled 60.

Benjamin Franklin

The man on the 100 US Dollar bill, as well as the framer of the US Declaration of Independence, is a great admirer of coffee. He states, “Of the many luxuries on the table, coffee deserves to be considered the most precious. Coffee brings happiness without any side effects. Coffee never leads to sadness.”


The philosopher, famous for his ideas on freedom of religion and speech, was called the ‘coffee ambassador’ of his day. She downs dozens of cups of coffee per day to stimulate her mind and creativity.

Because his habit was often mentioned by relatives and doctors, he once said, “If coffee is a poison, it’s definitely a slow-acting poison.”

Søren Kierkegaard

The Danish philosopher, who is closely associated with his existentialist ideas, has a coffee drinking habit that is no less extreme. Before enjoying a cup of coffee, Kierkegaard poured a large pile of sugar into his cup. Then he poured in some thick, bitter black coffee to dissolve the pile of sugar.

Immanuel Kant

Kant is a philosopher known for his ideas on modern philosophy. He is the philosopher who came up with the most sensational statement, the spirit of ‘daring to think for yourself’.

Kant’s coffee habit was actually quite ordinary. However, Kant had a special discipline for coffee time. He can’t be late for his coffee hour, or be distracted by other things.

According to Kant’s biographer, Thomas De Quincey, Kant’s servants would instantly spring up like arrows once the order was shouted.

Coffee habits among philosophers are unique. Because of this, brilliant ideas flow in unique ways from them. It’s not entirely because of coffee, but coffee is the catalyst for everything.

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