Coffee roasting is one of the important stages in processing coffee beans to be enjoyed in a warm cup of coffee. In the upstream, coffee plantations, the process of planting and harvesting coffee takes place. Then, the harvested coffee beans will be processed in a roasting machine by the roaster. This roasting process is to change the color and create the taste and aroma of the coffee. After going through the roasting process, then the coffee beans are ready to be processed downstream to be served to the connoisseurs.

According to Agromedia, roasting is the process of turning raw coffee beans into roasted coffee. This process is very complex, because if one part is wrong, the taste of the coffee can also change.

The roasting process is one of the most important stages in coffee processing. Therefore, this stage requires a roaster ‘s skill, experience, and understanding of both the coffee and the roaster machine.

Seeing the increasing trend of coffee consumption among the wider community and the increasing demand for processed coffee, the coffee roasting business has a very promising opportunity.

If you want to buy a roasting machine to start your coffee business, there are a few things you should know before buying a roaster. Here is the explanation.

Total business capital

Before buying a roaster machine to start your coffee business, you need to determine the amount of capital you want to spend on the business. Once the capital is determined, you will then have options that you can choose from to build your coffee roasting business.

The amount of capital funds is closely related to the purchase of machinery and its installation, as well as electricity costs. If you have limited capital, you can rent a roaster instead of buying one. Factors that can affect the price of a roasting machine also include whether the machine is locally made or imported, the quality of the roaster material, the technology of the roasting machine, and especially the size of the roasting machine capacity (this is usually the most influential to the price).

Features and functions of the roaster

Reporting from Bisnismuda, there are several important things to consider in the coffee roasting process, namely controlling the fire, controlling the airflow, and paying attention to the desired variable drum speed. In addition, you also need to consider the sophistication of the roaster you want to choose, such as USB or ethernet data output, as well as the compatible devices of each machine.

Roaster machines have different capacities (depending on how many you want to make), some are automatic (can be set and roasting is done automatically) or manual. The thickness of the drum, the material the drum is made of, can also affect the quality of the roaster.

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Use of a roaster

Before buying a roasting machine, you should make sure that you or your employees have enough knowledge and can control the machine, because during the production process, you or your employees need to be able to control the fire and airflow quickly.

Therefore, it is important to learn and understand how to use the roaster machine that you have chosen for your roasting business before roasting and running your business. We also need basic knowledge about the stages of coffee roasting, how to control the temperature increase, and roasting timing.

Roaster maintenance

In order for the machine to be maintained and can be used for a long time, you need to take care of the roaster machine that has been used for your business, such as cleaning it after each use. The roaster machine needs to be well maintained, as it is a valuable investment for a coffee roasting business.

The roaster also needs to be cleaned regularly. Usually on the chimney/dust catcher. Because if not routinely cleaned, it can be a fire risk. In addition, if there is ducting installation, it also needs to be cleaned regularly.

In the coffee roasting business, choosing equipment such as the best coffee roaster machine is very important. However, don’t forget to adjust it to the capital funds you have!

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