Is it Okay to Drink Coffee at Night?

Is it okay to drink coffee at night? As you may know, coffee contains caffeine which makes it difficult to sleep. In the human body, there is a compound called adenosine that makes you sleepy. This is where caffeine’s function allows it to block adenosine. This is what causes a person not to feel sleepy […]

Get to know Capsule Coffee Machine: A Practical Way to Make Coffee at Home

Do you know about capsule coffee machines? In recent years, capsule coffee machines have grown in popularity and become an option for those who want to enjoy coffee easily and quickly at home. Capsule coffee machines are a technological innovation in the world of coffee, allowing us to enjoy fresh coffee with consistent aroma and […]

Tips for Ordering Coffee when You’re Confused by the Menu

When sitting in a cafe, we often come across unique and unfamiliar names for coffee drinks. There are many technical words and terms that make us wonder, “what is this?” You don’t need to worry, feeling confused is natural and normal. This is very common and there is nothing wrong with it. Because these terms […]

Learn the Coffee Cupping Testing Process for Specialty Coffee

In the coffee industry, especially specialty, coffee quality assessment is fundamental to measuring the value and quality of coffee. There are two main components of the assessment, namely the defect score assessment and the coffee cupping score assessment. One component of coffee quality assessment, the coffee cupping test, involves several important elements ranging from coffee […]

Are you a home brewer? Have this mandatory tool!

A home brewer is a person who prepares and brews coffee to be consumed by themselves, using their personal coffee brewing equipment at home. Yep, right in their own homes, and for those of you who are used to fulfilling your caffeine needs by buying a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop, maybe […]

Drinking coffee makes you live longer, is it true?

Are you one of those people who love drinking coffee? If so, according to a new study drinking coffee makes you live longer, is it true? Drinking two to three cups of coffee a day is more likely than not to prevent cardiovascular disease. Research published by the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, a journal […]

4 Tips for Choosing a Coffee Shop Business Location

As a drink that is loved by many people, coffee is one of the most promising business lines. Moreover, coffee has become a part of life for most Indonesians. The huge opportunity for the coffee business has led to more and more coffee shops popping up in every corner of cities across Indonesia. Talking about […]

How to properly store roasted coffee beans to keep them fresh

Many coffee lovers prefer to buy roasted coffee in the form of beans and grind them at home to get the best coffee beans. This is because you will be more confident that the coffee is truly pure and not mixed with other ingredients. Even so, of course we also have to know how to […]

How to Seed Robusta Coffee by Vegetative Method

In the previous article, you already know how to breed Robusta and Arabica coffee by generative propagation, right? In addition, there are also seeding methods that are no less interesting to know, namely vegetative. Well to complete your knowledge about the world of coffee, this time we will also explain how to seed Robusta coffee […]