Many coffee lovers prefer to buy roasted coffee in the form of beans and grind them at home to get the best coffee beans. This is because you will be more confident that the coffee is truly pure and not mixed with other ingredients.

Even so, of course we also have to know how to store roasted coffee beans properly and correctly so that their quality can continue to survive. Are you curious about how to do it? Here’s the full review!

How to store roasted coffee beans properly

For coffee lovers, many are willing to buy coffee beans in large quantities to be able to enjoy homemade coffee. You might be one of them.

However, storing coffee beans needs to be done correctly in order to extend their shelf life, and the flavor of the coffee does not change.

Follow these simple tips to keep your coffee beans fresh. Note that this method is forroasted beans only.

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Buy coffee beans with packaging that has a one way valve

Usually when you buy coffee, the packaging material used is a paper bag or plastic that has been equipped with a small hole. The hole is commonly called a one-way valve.

Many may also think that the main function of this hole is to inhale the aroma of coffee beans. Whereas the main function itself is to remove the gas released by the coffee after the roasting process.

Air valves on packaging bags were originally invented for freshly roasted coffee beans, and now not only for coffee commodities, many use air valves for several other commodities.

The gas must be released to avoid rupture of the coffee packaging due to excessive gas pressure in the packaging or often referred to as bursting.

For this reason, you should buy coffee beans with a package that has this valve.

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Store coffee beans in an airtight container and avoid moisture

It’s actually better to keep your coffee in the packaging it came in when you bought it, which is where you started. However, this becomes difficult if you have already used some of the coffee and want to close it again.

Because, the packaging that has been opened is not able to store coffee optimally. That’s why you need jars and containers that are airtight(rubber seal), unless they have a resealable zipper .

storing roasted coffee beans
Stainless steel airtight coffee container storage tin can holder coffee jar with spoon for 1.8 liter tea coffee beans.

The rubber seal is indeed very necessary because coffee exposed to oxygen or air from outside will quickly becomestale.

Also, storing coffee beans should be in a dry place. Excessive moisture can accelerate the degradation process of coffee. Coffee beans that are exposed to excessive moisture can develop anoff-flavor and stale aroma.

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Secure coffee beans in a cool, low-light place

You need to remember, coffee is very vulnerable to damage when exposed to two main things: air and light. These two things greatly affect the quality of the coffee beans.

storing roasted coffee beans
For this reason, try to keep your coffee away from sunlight .

Even if you store your coffee beans in a transparent glass jar with a rubberized lid, storing them in the wrong place can expose them to sunlight.

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Keep stored coffee beans away from other foods

Coffee beans should be stored in a separate place and not together with other food stocks. Especially if the food gives off a pungent aroma, as is the case with spices.

storing roasted coffee beans
Coffee can be contaminated with the aroma of other foods, unless it is stored in a vacuum package.

Coffee beans are hygroscopic, so they tend to absorb moisture and aroma from their surroundings. Then the aroma of the food can contaminate the aroma of the coffee beans.

Shelf life of coffee beans

When you buy fresh or freshly roasted coffee beans, you should not let them sit for too long. For this reason, it is better to buy coffee beans in sufficient size, so that later you don’t just throw them away if they are no longer enjoyable to consume.

Ideally, packaged coffee beans stored at room temperature and away from moisture, heat, and sunlight will stay fresh until the best before date listed on the packaging. Usually, the coffee can last for three months.

However, when the packaging of the coffee beans is open, the shelf life can only last about 1 – 3 weeks. To maintain quality, you can immediately transfer them to an airtight container that is dry and away from sunlight, as explained earlier.

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Coffee beans certainly have their own storage life, depending on the container and method you use. Keep adjusting the bean type, room conditions, light, and air to maintain the coffee.

Therefore, finish the coffee immediately during this time period.

That’s the information about storing roasted coffee beans that is important for you to know. It turns out that the world of coffee is very interesting to follow, especially if you study it more deeply, you will understand that this tiny bean has its own uniqueness.

From how to store roasted coffee beans alone, it cannot be careless and there are certain ways for optimal simpat age. Hopefully this information is useful and adds to your knowledge about the world of coffee.

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