Are you one of those people who likes to sit down for coffee at cafes? If so, you’ll definitely want to savor that coffee again when you’re at home.

However, to get the same taste and aroma of coffee, it is not enough to serve coffee by buying coffee beans from cafes, but you must pay attention to the right choice of coffee beans in these cafes.

There are several things you need to consider before buying coffee beans, ranging from the origin of the beans to the roast level. In this article, we will give you 5 tips before buying coffee beans to help you choose the best quality beans that suit your taste in cafes.

For that, check out these 5 tips before buying coffee beans:

Pay attention to the origin of coffee beans

When buying coffee beans at cafes, be sure to pay attention to the origin of the beans. Usually, coffee beans have a name that includes the country of origin, such as Colombia, Ethiopia, Brazil or Guatemala. It could also be from a local region in Indonesia-Mandailing, Gayo, Kerinci, and others.

Each region has different flavor and aroma characteristics, so paying attention to the origin of the coffee beans can help you choose beans that suit your individual preferences and tastes.

If you’re confused, you can use the Coffee Flavor Wheel chart or method to find the preferences that suit your interests, find out more here.

Note the Roasting Date

The roasting date is the date when the coffee beans were roasted. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the roasting date indicated on the coffee bean packaging. Choose coffee beans that were roasted no more than a month ago.

However, it is important to note that the fresher the roast, the better it is because coffee has a gassing period after roasting. It’s a good idea to consult with the cafe to determine which coffee suits you.

Check the Quality of Coffee Beans

Make sure the coffee beans you buy are of good quality. Good quality coffee beans will appear shiny or slightly lustrous, uniform in color, and have no defects in the beans. If possible, try to notice the texture and aroma of the coffee beans sold on the display tester.

You can also pay attention to the packaging with a translucent yany, whether there are visible defects or color differences between coffee beans or not. For more details, you can also ask the cafe directly how they do the coffee bean sorting process.

Watch the Roast Level

Roast level refers to how long and how dark the coffee beans are roasted. Different roast levels will give different flavors and aromas. Usually, there are several levels of roast levels such as light, medium and dark roast.

Always make sure to ask the cafe what the roast level is on the products they sell. Lau, adjust the roast level of the coffee you buy to your brewing method.

Choose Coffee Beans According to Taste

Lastly, we remind you to choose coffee beans that suit your taste. If you prefer your coffee to have a lighter and fresher flavor, then choose beans with a lighter roast level. However, if you prefer your coffee to have a stronger, fuller flavor, then choose beans with a darker roast level.

However, remember that everyone has different taste and aroma preferences, so it is best to try and explore different types of coffee beans to find your own favorite.

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