Jakarta, October 19th, 2022

Brazil is quickly becoming the world’s leading coffee producer. Brazilian coffee could potentially meet global demands, says Judith Ganes, a Global Renowned Coffee Analyst. “Future supply is flowing from the Brazilian supply chain today,” Judith said at the Coffee Market Outlook 2023: Challenge and Opportunity event at the Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta.

Judith described the development and journey of coffee in the supply chain. It takes more time and money to get coffee from the world’s largest producers to the world’s biggest caffeine consumers. In her opinion, relief is still a long way off, so prices will likely remain high.

Because of a limited global supply of containers and vessels, shipments from Brazil to the United States now take up to 100 days. Despite finding some, she explained that bookings are hard to find.

Regardless of a potential coffee supply chain in the future, Brazil has a lot to say about it

Judith explains the data that indicates a strong export number from Brazil, and rain caused a negative reaction. It has an effect: differentials have decreased, but not sufficiently to bring coffee to New York for grading. Furthermore, the market will slow production rather than oversupply.

Another fact is that the Brazilian crop was unable to reach the highs of appropriate on-cycle years. However, Brazilian coffee stocks will not rise significantly as predicted by the USDA.

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Judith also mentioned coffee certification to improve quality. Based on the data, Judith concludes that certified coffee stocks have reached historically low levels. Robusta-certified stocks are also available at a reduced price. Nevertheless, the majority of the recent activity in certified stocks centers on two origins.

On the other side, the discussion also put the spotlight on production and quality between Arabica and Robusta. In 2022 Brazilian Robusta is increasing by 9 percent. “But in the next years, Arabica Brazil will be growing”, said Judith. She said that during the pandemic, many farmers switch to retail demand. Currently, Brazil produces more Robusta than Arabica. But the future is Arabica for export.

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Coffee Market Outlook 2023: Global Fire Ship X Kopikita

Moelyono Soesilo, a Global Coffee Expert and a speaker in Coffee Market Outlook 2023 mentioned that for the next few years, coffee consumption will return to normal compared to past years. The increase in mobility thanks to improved infrastructure will help in boosting coffee consumption post-pandemic. Tourism is also back on the rise. The return of hotel occupation and demand will result in higher coffee consumption.

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But, even with all the ups and downs, both of them agree that the coffee industry still looks promising in 2023.

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