Do you know if South Sumatra or often called “Bumi Sriwijaya” has many types of coffee too? Coffee is one of the livelihoods for residents in South Sumatra. This is because South Sumatra has many hills with 250,172 hectares of land and produces 110,481 tons of coffee beans.

These are the types of coffee in South Sumatra

That’s why the Land of Sriwijaya has several types of coffee produced. Want to know what types of coffee exist in Sriwijaya Earth, let’s keep reading this article until the end.

1. Semendo Coffee

This type of coffee is named after a region in South Sumatra called Semendo, just like Toraja coffee is named after a region in South Sulawesi. This type of coffee is grown in the mountainous region of Bukit Barisan Semendo.

This type of coffee uses robusta semendo coffee which has a concentrated flavor and thick texture, but over time this type of coffee was developed by farmers into Arabica coffee. This type of coffee is one of the most popular types of coffee in southern Sumatra.

2. Dempo Coffee

This type of coffee comes from the mountainous region of Pagar Alam, South Sumatra. Dempo coffee is one of the Arabica coffee varieties that grow in the highlands of South Sumatra.

This type of coffee is one of the most popular types of coffee, because it has a tempting aroma and has a distinctive and soft aroma.

The characteristics of Dempo Coffee itself vary depending on the processing process and the soil where the coffee is grown. But in general, this coffee has a flavor with a touch of sweetness, chocolate, and sometimes with fruity nuances.

3. Exorbitant Coffee

The next type of coffee comes from Empat Lawang Regency, South Sumatra. This type of coffee is produced from a cross between robusta coffee and arabica coffee which makes the taste of this exorbitant coffee has its own characteristics, and has an unforgettable impression. The superiority of this type of exorbitant coffee is claimed to be organic coffee.

If you want to experience the aroma and flavor of this exorbitant type of coffee, then you can visit Empat Lawang Regency, South Sumatra.

4. Ranau Coffee

Next is ranau coffee, this type of coffee comes from the most productive coffee-producing area, OKU Selatan, South Sumatra. This type of coffee is characterized by its processing, because the farmers there still use traditional methods to process ranau coffee.

The quality of this type of ranau coffee is no less good than other coffees. No wonder this type of coffee has become one of the favorites of coffee lovers.

5. Besemah Coffee

Besemah coffee is a type of coffee whose name is taken from the tribal name for the Lahat area and its surroundings. This type of coffee is mostly robusta, this type of coffee also grows in the highlands of Mount Dempo, Pagaralam.

This type of besemah coffee is one of the leading sources of income for farmers, especially in the plantation sector of Lahat Regency. Besemah coffee is also characterized by its fragrant aroma. This type of coffee also has a savory taste and aroma. That’s why this coffee is a favorite among coffee lovers.

Besemah coffee is also one of the types of coffee favored by Queen Yuliana during the Dutch colonial era. The planting area of this type of coffee is about 114,317 hectares with a production of more than 60,500 tons per year.

So those are the different types of coffee that exist in the Land of Sriwijaya. Hopefully, this article can expand your knowledge about coffee and help you to choose the type of coffee that suits your taste.

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