We always learn new things when we are enlightened by the words of a wise person. Words of wisdom often make us realize how naive life is, and we are the creatures trapped in it.

Wise words or quotes are actually sourced from the results of thought and logical analysis of philosophers or experts, which are then quoted for the purpose of realizing and enlightening the way of thinking of most people.

Since we focus on quotes about coffee, we summarize ten quotes from world leaders who love coffee.

Well, for those of you who like to read quotes about life and like to share them on social media, maybe these quotes about coffee can be one of your references to make an Instastory. Here are ten quotes about coffee that you can turn into an Instastory.

Floyd Maxwell (Musician)

“Coffee is the magic liquid that ignites the creative fire.”

Leo Tolstoy (Writer)

“Coffee is never served. But he served something that was desired, hence the many jokes and laughter.”

Sheik Abd Al Kadir (11th century Fiqh scholar)

“Coffee is gold, like gold usually is, it brings a feeling of luxury and nobility to everyone.”

Napoleon Bonaparte (19th century Emperor of France)

“I’d rather suffer with coffee than be an unreasonable person.”

Flash Rosenberg (Artist)

“I believe humans accomplish things, not because we are smart, but because we have fingers that can make coffee.”

Sir James MacKintosh (Philosopher of Law)

“A person’s strength of mind is directly proportional to the amount of coffee he or she drinks.”

Jean Kerr (Writer)

“Do you know how weak you are if you have a cup of coffee in hand, but you’re allergic?”

Gary Larson (Writer and Artist)

“I don’t know where my ideas come from. I admit, however, that one of the main ingredients is caffeine. I put a few cups of coffee in me, and strange things started happening.”

Orhan Pamuk (Author and Nobel Laureate in Literature 2006)

“Stop drinking coffee, and of course, the brain stops working.”

Charles Bukowski (Poet and Writer)

“I just want a cup of hot, black coffee, and I don’t want to hear about your troubles.”

You might want to add some relaxing music or aesthetic photos to your Instastory posts. If necessary, you can tag your coffee or hangout buddies.

Actually, you can also make up your own words about coffee. Write based on your experiences and feelings when enjoying coffee. Be as authentic to yourself as possible.

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