Since the implementation of the new normal, we have been compelled to adapt to new habits. Remote working stands out as a prominent example of this evolving culture. The appeal of remote work lies not only in the comfort of one’s home but also in the flexibility to work from anywhere with suitable facilities.

There’s no harm in exploring the idea of working from a café, perhaps with your colleagues, to enhance productivity. The reason being, several coffee shops in Jakarta have embraced outdoor themes, creating a visually pleasing atmosphere.

It’s essential to note that maintaining social distancing in outdoor cafes is crucial during these times. Outdoor cafes offer a safer environment due to their open settings, allowing for natural air circulation.

In an outdoor café, you can relish the gentle breeze, the shade of trees, and the warmth of the sun. These elements contribute to a refreshed and relaxed mindset, facilitating focused work.

KopiKita has compiled a list of our top five coffee shops in Jakarta, each offering a unique outdoor concept, from garden themes to modern minimalism.

Kaja Kofi

Kaja Kofi, situated in West Jakarta, boasts a modern minimalist concept among outdoor-themed coffee shops. Despite opening just on February 02, 2022, this café has already attracted a considerable crowd, especially millennials who appreciate its Instagram-worthy ambiance.

list of coffee shops in jakarta
The appeal of Kaja Kofi in West Jakarta.

Although Kaja Kofi only opened on February 02, 2022, the visitors to this cafe are already quite crowded, seen from millennials who create content through photos and videos in this place.

The cafe is located inside a residential area of Taman Permata Buana, West Jakarta.

The cafe building is also attached to the owner ‘s house. The overall building concept is aesthetically similar to foreign art museums. Every corner of this building is instagrammable.

The entire area is dominated by a cozy outdoor area that overlooks a green garden with uniquely arranged rocks and tall trees. There is also a small pond that makes the atmosphere more calm and cozy.

Kaja Kofi West Jakarta minimalist industrial concept.

For those preferring indoor seating, there’s a limited yet comfortable space designated for work. Importantly, smoking is prohibited throughout the café, ensuring a smoke-free environment for patrons to savor the garden atmosphere and bird songs undisturbed.

Kaja Kofi’s signature menu features robust coffee drinks, ideal for coffee enthusiasts and those seeking an extra kick in their day. Options include Americano, Espresso, and more. Additionally, they offer milder coffee choices like Cappuccino and Latte, along with non-coffee beverages like Matcha, Chocolate, Mojito, Artisan Tea, and Smoothies, with prices ranging from 33 thousand to 45 thousand Rupiah (subject to change).

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Gordi HQ

Gordi HQ in Cilandak, South Jakarta, offers a distinctive coffee experience. Imagine sipping coffee while engaging in friendly conversations during a picnic in the heart of bustling Jakarta. Gordi HQ brings this unique concept to life with a tranquil coffee spot complete with a picnic corner.

Gordi HQ Cilandak: Enjoy the sensation of coffee while having a picnic.

This HQ curtain carries an industrial-style atmosphere for its interior

Gordi HQ, with its industrial-style interior, provides both indoor and outdoor seating. Its outdoor ambiance is a standout feature, allowing you to enjoy coffee and picnic on the lawn. It’s a place that offers relaxation and a unique coffee experience, with picnic cloths on lush green grass and small tables.

Gordi HQ is like a home for coffee lovers to gather.

Gordi HQ prides itself on delivering excellent coffee. The café’s vision is to showcase Indonesian micro coffee roasters’ dedication to producing top-quality coffee, connecting them with coffee connoisseurs who seek diverse flavors in their cup of joe. Before establishing the café, Gordi HQ operated as an online retailer for various coffee beans, ensuring the coffee’s quality remains top-notch.

For facilities, Gordi HQ provides free Wi-Fi, a smoking area, mobile chargers on tables, a prayer room, and takeaway food and drink services. It opens from 07:30 to 19:30 WIB, making it a perfect choice for morning coffee enthusiasts.

Tanatap Coffee Ampera

Tanatap Coffee Ampera in South Jakarta stands as a café where you can enjoy quality time with friends or family in a lush, green environment. This café offers a unique experience due to its spacious area filled with abundant greenery.

A grandstand style coffee shop that is super big and lush.

The café’s exterior is surrounded by trees, while the interior features beautifully arranged potted plants. This garden-like concept sets Tanatap Coffee Ampera apart, providing patrons with a serene atmosphere and fresh air.

The café’s circular design is another attraction, ideal for photography enthusiasts. It’s an excellent choice for socializing with friends and family in a refreshing setting, a departure from contemporary café concepts. Whether you want to relax, work, or simply enjoy the food and drinks on offer, Tanatap Coffee Ampera has you covered.

list of coffee shops in jakarta
Suitable for morning coffee lovers or those who want to work from café.

Operating from 07:00 to 21:00 WIB daily, this café caters to morning coffee lovers and those seeking a café for remote work.

A must-try on their menu is the Kopi Susu Gula Aren, a creamy coffee delight. This coffee is suitable for those who prefer a milder coffee taste. You can savor it for just 30 thousand rupiah, with options for small and large servings, even in one-liter sizes.

Arborea Café

In the bustling heart of Jakarta, Arborea Café offers a unique escape within its seven thousand square meter garden. This café, located in the Ministry of Environment and Forestry Complex in Manggala Wanabakti, Central Jakarta, differs from most city cafés.

list of coffee shops in jakarta
Arborea Café, a café in the heart of Jakarta with a natural feel.

Arborea Café features a modern design that incorporates wood as a primary element, enhancing its connection with nature. It’s a rare find in the midst of Jakarta’s towering buildings.

list of coffee shops in jakarta
Have fun at the instagenic Eco-Café.

Arborea Café built in the middle of an urban forest

The design of the building is unique, with a modern theme, and uses wood as the main element in the building. The concept adds to the impression of a café that is truly one with nature. It’s rare to find a café like this in the middle of Jakarta where the land is full of towering buildings.

Arborea Café was inaugurated on August 13, 2018 by the Minister of Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya Bakar. Initially, the café was created in order to entertain Asian Games athletes from various countries as well as introduce typical Indonesian coffee. Arborea Café is now open to the public.

Here you can relax with a cup of coffee and a plate of bread. No need to worry, the price of food and drinks at Arborea Café is quite cheap, with a price ranging from 7 thousand Rupiah to 35 thousand Rupiah you can enjoy the dishes served.

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Kopitagram, located in Tomang, West Jakarta, boasts a minimalist industrial concept, making it an Instagram-worthy spot. The café’s predominantly gray and black color scheme adds to its industrial aesthetic, providing numerous opportunities for striking photos.

The cafe has three areas to choose from and customize.

Kopitagram offers three distinct areas for patrons to choose from and personalize their experience. The indoor area, equipped with air conditioning, is perfect for comfort during the day. The entire café is Wi-Fi enabled, with ample power outlets, facilitating office work or assignments.

The food and beverage menu offered here is also quite diverse.

As for the other two areas, the outdoor and rooftop areas are also available here.

The café’s menu is diverse, featuring signature coffee-based beverages and non-coffee options, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Prices are budget-friendly, ranging from 3 thousand to 39 thousand rupiah.

The café also provides outdoor and rooftop seating options, ideal for casual gatherings or enjoying the view of Jakarta’s skyline.

From these five options, which of the Coffee Shops in Jakarta reviewed by KopiKita are you planning to visit soon?

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