Coffee is one drink that has become part of many people’s daily lives. Coffee can be a friend when relaxing, having breakfast, or even when doing important work. But did you know that coffee has played an important role in shaping social connections over time?

In this article, we’ll talk about the role of coffee in shaping social connections over time, as well as why coffee has always been the most sought-after beverage for many people.

Coffee and Human Civilization

Coffee dates back centuries and has become a part of human life. Coffee originally originated in the Ethiopian region and later spread throughout the world. Coffee is known as a drink that can keep people awake and socially connected.

History records that in the 17th century, coffee was introduced to Europe and became a very popular drink. Most cafes in Europe sell coffee as their main drink. Many people come to cafes to meet friends, read a book, or just pass the time. Coffee is a means to create social connections and becomes part of the culture.

Later, in the 18th century, coffee began to spread to North America and became a very popular drink among workers. Many workers choose coffee as a beverage to help them stay awake and stay productive at work. Along with the development of the industry, coffee has become increasingly popular and a highly sought-after beverage.

In modern times, coffee has become a staple for everyone around the world. Coffee has become a cultural phenomenon and a social connector. So, inevitably, coffee can be called the main determinant of human civilization.

Coffee in Different Parts of the World

In addition, coffee also has a role in forming a solid community. Many specialty coffees come from different regions around the world, such as Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Indonesia and more.

Coffee is a way to introduce the culture and traditions of a region to others. Coffee is also a tool to build solidarity and friendship between communities, such as coffee lovers’ clubs or communities.

Not only that, coffee is also a tool to strengthen social relationships. Many people choose to drink coffee with their family or friends as a way to relax and enjoy time together. Coffee becomes a means to share stories and experiences, and helps form close relationships between people.

Coffee Today

Today, coffee shops or cafes are also popular places to hang out with friends or coworkers. The comfortable and relaxed atmosphere at coffee shops makes it easier for people to socialize and interact with others. There, we can choose from a wide variety of coffee and enjoy it while chatting with friends or discussing with coworkers.

Affordability is also an important factor that makes coffee a conduit for social interaction. Coffee is a drink that is easily accessible and can be found in many places, from coffee shops to roadside coffee shops. This makes it an accessible beverage for many people from different social and economic circles.

So, let’s enjoy a cup of coffee and interact with our fellow humans.

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